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Ladies and Muttlemen (For Versus... old school) Welcome to another edition of the best writing block on the net, the Money Report! People do I have a match for you today! We're going to take it back to 2006 one mo' time, but we're going across the pond to English Muffinland. In tonight's match we'll see the Euro division in action as Mania, Vega, Lochii and Karim TGO do battle for the OCW European Heavyweight championship of the world.


I liked this Mania CAW a lot and I believe still that this Mania CAW was underrated by a lot of people. But when Mania is on his game, we see him hold titles for 20 years and whatnot. Lochii was ok and had his little moments, but wasn't here long enough to put a stain in the history of OCW. Vega was fuckin' Vega... just pure awesome. If he returns and do what he use to do, he'll be in the Hall of Fame in no time. Karim... Karim was the man on the Euro side.


He had a little Euro swag and was a cool Euro and Tag champ holding down the division when he wasn't break-dancing and whatnot. I marked for his little group The Network, but they never lived up to their potential either, but this was a great match family. Just pure carnage in the ring only thing is we know only one can win. Take a look at this gem and enjoy it like I did. Now remember kiddies... stay off my nuts and know that I am Greater than all.


OCW European Championship 4 way Match:

Lochii vs. Chris "Spooner" Mania vs. Vega vs. Karim The Great One(*Laughs* Silly mutt knows I am the only Great person in the world)



  • OCW World Heavyweight Champion [3 Times]
  • CCW Champion [1 Time]
  • Future Investment Winner 2006 [inaugural]
  • 2007 OCW Co-Wrestler of the Year [ W/ Nate Ortiz] They just couldn't give it to a black!
  • OCW Hall of Famer | Class 2008



Father of Royce and Theodore J Bentley

Future OCW Champions (It's gonna happen one day whores!)

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