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The OCW champion speaks...9/30/09

Vincent Valmont

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The scene fades outside of a beautiful Los Angeles, California home. It's a sunny Tuesday Morning. People mowing their lawns, dogs barking, and bird's chirping can be heard in the background.




Three cameramen are outside in the driveway. One of the cameramen appears to already have his camera recording.



Cameraman #1: What are we supposed to be doing again?


Cameraman #2: Just relax, kid. This isn't rocket science.


Cameraman #3: We're just doing a simple pre-recorded segment with OCW's champion to be sent to ocwfed.net, twenty-four hours from now.


Cameraman #1: So what are we waiting on?


The second cameraman receives a call on his cell phone, briefly talking as he eventually hangs up.


Cameraman #2: Looks like we just got the order to come inside the home, and set everything up.


Cameraman #3: Let's go, kid.


All three cameraman begin walking with their cameras set, and ready to record. All three enter the house, and is quickly greeted by Vincent Valmont, who comes downstairs, and is dressed in a black wifebeater, gym shorts, black shades, Rolex, socks, house slippers, and his OCW World Title. Vincent sits down on his leather couch, and motions to the cameramen to set up everything. All three cameramen begin setting up the cameras inside the living room.


Cameraman #2: Everything is set whenever you're ready, Vincent.


The cameramen finish setting everything up as they leave the house.


Valmont: Before we get started...


Vincent lays his title across the table, and takes off his shades as he reveals a 5 o'clock shadow starting to grow. All three cameras are set, and recording in three different angles. Vincent takes a drink from his water bottle.


Valmont: That's much better... First of all, if Guy Fausto wanted my attention, he's going to get it at Riot this friday. Delivering a cutter to me was the worst mistake that Guy Fausto has made so far. He think he's two steps ahead of the curve on everyone, including me, but that's going to be his achilles heel. When he decided to interrupt in my match I knew it was nothing more, but desperation. Why else would he feel the need to give me a cutter in a pointless match?


Am I going to get my revenge? Ohh yes, but sweet taste of revenge will come with a victory. Guy is probably thinking right now he's got momentum heading into our title match because of recent weeks, and has me frustrated, but the only thing Guy has is false hope. It's this same false hope that led him to his first loss against Aries, and it'll also be his downfall against me this Friday on Riot.


Some say that even though we both have been OCW World Champion twice, but they say that I'm still not in his league.


However, a two time world champion or not, Guy Fausto hasn't been in a title match like this before. He's never fought anyone that made their career off overcoming the odds, the obstacles, doubts, and criticism. He's never fought anyone who has the whole world against him on their back because once again I'll be an underdog in my own title match.


Vincent holds his OCW title in front of the cameras.


Valmont: I know what a lot of you're saying, 'talk is cheap', but I guarantee that at Riot I'll be cashing in.


Because it's been 56 days since I made good on my promise to win back my OCW World title, and it's been 156 days since this chip on my shoulder was created back at End Games when I cashed my FI, and won my title for the first time.


So if Guy Fausto wants this title... he's going have to fight through hell to get it because I'm willing to do the exact same.


Some will argue that Guy has everything to gain, and nothing to lose, but they couldn't be more wrong. Guy Fausto does have everything to lose.


Although, with a loss he'll still walk out the International Champion, but Fausto's pride will be on the line. He's already lost to someone who I beat at Summercide, and when I successfully defend this title on Riot... everyone, and including Guy himself will truly know that I deserve this, I'm better, and I'm the champion that OCW needs right now.


Vincent continues holding the OCW title in front of the cameras as they begin to fade.





OCW's 2008's Most Improved Wrestler

2x OCW Heavyweight Champion

2x OCW Hardcore Champion

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