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International Championship Vacated!

Stacy Clark

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News from the OCW Championship Committee today, as the OCW International Championship has been declared vacant. The International Championship has been considered one of the strongest and most prestigious titles in OCW with the lineage having roots in the North American, Television, and Pride Championships. Names such Nate Ortiz, AJ Phoenix, and Chris Mania have held the International title or its parents at one point in its storied history.


The decision has been heavily pushed ever since OCW Champion Leonheart and Riot General Manager Alex Robinson have joined the committee several weeks ago, following Leonheart's controversial title win over Vincent Valmont. No other reasoning has been given at this time, but reports state that OCW Champion Leonheart laughed at the notion that it could have anything to do with the company's laxly enforced thirty day defense rule, which could also be wagered against Leonheart as of today, November 14th.

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