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The Champion Speaks!

Stacy Clark

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News hit the OCW Committee today, as the OCW Champion Leonheart , after many weeks of absence finally speaks. Here is what Leon had to say...


Leon: "Just who the hell is this Mr Mr.Bentley? Where do you come in and make the shows? Last time i recall, it was me and Alex that made the calls. You can't expect to come back and think for a second you have the authority to make a show. You even have the audacity to put yourself in the main event for a title shot?. No, in case you forgot i took Mr Sensation out in front of the world to see. I made Nate and Versus retire and i will not have someone like you come back and call the shots."


Leon: "Me and Alex did what had to be done. The people don't deserve a show, they don't deserve all the constant crying and bitching each and every week. So we did what was best for OCW by giving you all the last OCW memory of me becoming the OCW World Champion. Sunday at Baltimore Maryland, you people are going to be very disappointed if you actually think i am going to be there."


What does this mean for OCW now? We hope to get a response to this from Mr.Bentley later today.

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