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Jaysin Joining GFQ Webcasting Network


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Hey Everyone

I wanted to let everyone know Jaysin Will be Joining the GFQ Webcasting Network. He will be my Cohost on Tuesdays from 2pm-4pm eastern every week. We will be covering all things from News , Video Games, Wrestling. He was great on the show this week . We also got a bunch of emails asking about OCW . I hope you guys can Join us in the chat OCW has a great bunch of guys.


The Guys From Queens Podcast Network was created in April 2009, as a way to create a new outlet for great entertainment on the internet. We are growing fast, in only four short months the network already includes 4 great shows: The Andrew Zarian Show, The Car Show with John Amato, Sunday Night Tech with Andrew and Joe, Friday Night Jams with Andrew, Joe and Coco , Full Contact Sports and Afternoons with Andrew. You can listen to all of our shows live on Stickam, and as always, you can check out our previous shows in the Archive section of Guysfromqueens.com, Blip.tv, ITunes, aolradio.com, podcastmachine.com, podcast.com, and podcastalley.com. Currently our shows average 30,000-50,000 live listeners per week, and 120,000-200,000 listeners per month! The future of The Guys From Queens Podcasting Network is promising, along with new contests, special shows, musical performances, and website exclusive shows, we will soon be offering a new show 7 days a week with replays airing all day long. Register to our website, and follow us on Twitter.com/guysfromqueens



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