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An OCW Christmas?

Nathan Gaines

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**The scene opens up with a shot of a nice suburban downtown with local shops lining the "main" street of the town. The store fronts have clearly been restored and the street itself has most certainly seen the ups and down that the years have presented. As the camera slowly pans these store fronts there is a light snow falling. The ground has been covered, and the sense that winter has most certainly arrived is felt by the viewer. The scene fades out and then centers on a fairly nice colonial looking home that is set on a hill. In the darkness of the night the house is illuminated by lights and activity of a family engaging in laughter. The lights of the house reflect off of the large frozen pond in front of the house and with the reflected light the steam from the large brick chimney that is set to the left of the roof of the house when looking straight at the house. As the camera leads in through the double victorian doors and swings to the left past the double marble staircase in the main room of the house we are settled in a room that is marked by a magestic wood burning fireplace. Seated on opposite sides of the fire place are OCW Wrestlers Matt "Maniac" Wilson and Samuel Von Kerin. Sitting on the leather couch directly opposite the fireplace is Nathan Gaines and his wife Jeni Wilson Gaines. On the floor in between all four people is Sean Gaines, Nathan and Jeni's 4 year old son and OCW Legend Recon.**


Recon: Let's see that left right that Grandpa Recon taught ya


**Recon puts up his hands and Sean, looking right and Recon studies his hands, and slightly confused, pauses before just running right at Recon who catches the young boy and falls backwards lifting him high into the air**


Matt: Jen, it's amazing I can't believe how big my nephew is getting.


Samuel: Dat der boy is growin up uberfast, good thing he looks just like his mother


**Everyone lets out a laugh**


Gaines: At least I don't look like the Phantom of the Opera there Sammy. I'm not buyin it's still from that motorcycle accident.


Jeni: Don't be picking on Samuel, you know if I hadn't gotten involved with you I woulda married him


**Jeni winks at Samuel and playfully pushes Nathan away from her on the couch before Nathan grabs her in close and kisses her**


Matt: Last thing I need to see is my sister doing that.


**Recon who has stood up and is holding Sean, realizes that the young boy is starting to fall asleep. He nods to Jeni and Nathan, who both stand up to take the boy from him. Recon puts his hand up and signals to both of them**


Recon: Let me take him. I'll read him one of my favorite war stories and I'll put him right down.


**Recon and Sean leave the room and head up the marble staircase to the upstairs section of the house**


Jeni: I have to say I think this is the first pre-Christmas gathering we've had were all three of my boys aren't in the wrestling ring. You boys were always so beat up and it pained me to see how much of a struggle it was for all of you


Gaines: Geez babe you make it seem like we're all old cripples.


Samuel: Speak for yourself Nathan I'm no young tike anymore. After the motorcyle accident and the constant bumps and bruises I just couldn't do a full schedule anymore. I sure do miss the boys in the back though. Has anyone talked to Johnny D or Rodney lately?


Wilson: I just got off the phone with Kris the other day. He's tourin with the band again but he's made some apperances at events. God those were some battles we had. It was those battles that brought my career to a close a lot quicker than I wanted it to.


Gaines: We're talking about battle scars? Matty you nearly ended my career when you suplexed me off the cage at Summercide '07. Let's be thankful that didn't do it cause I had numerous other factions to kill.


Jeni: I'm just gonna go check on Recon and Sean to make sure Sean isn't too fussy.


**Jeni gets up and kisses Nathan and than walks over to Samuel. She hugs Samuel and kisses him on the cheek. She than walks over to her brother Matt Wilson and gives him a hug. Matt kisses his sister on the cheek and wishes her well**


Wilson: Hell of a catch you got their Nathan.


Gaines: Best achievement I've had


Samuel: Dat kid of yours is uber special as well


Wilson: He's somethin, and it's amazing how much he loves Recon.


Gaines: As you guys know Recon mentored all of us. He taught me everything I know in the ring and a lot of what I know out of it. He's been there for me and Jeni throughout everything. Been able to get past some of the differences we've had and I couldn't think of a better Godfather for Sean. He loves that kid like it was his own.


Samuel: He's a special man. True class and a hell of a Hall of Famer.


Wilson: Speaking of the Hall of Fame and the business you guys ever miss it? Think about gettin back into the ring


Samuel: I miss the competition but I sure as hell don't miss the politics


Wilson: I don't miss the travel and the time away from home


Gaines: I miss the fans and the respect and admiration we had when we were out in that ring. Ya know whether we were winning or losing we were part of something big. Hell even when the Militia was around we were part of a legacy.


Wilson: We were somethin


Samuel: Those were da days.


Wilson: Amen I'll drink to that.


Gaines: To the business that give us everything we have


Samuel and Wilson: TO THE BUSINESS


**All three men toast and raise their glasses before taking a swig of their drink. As the camera fades back the three men continue laughing and jolly conversation. The camera scene fades to the way it came in and settles on the overall shot of the house**

LocoNY911: I hate you with every fiber of my being just looking at your name makes me want to strike my monitor

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