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What they refused you of on Riot

San Bonito

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*A black limo pulls up to the entrance gate of OCW's Riot arena for the night. The gate keeper holds up a hand for the driver to stop, the limo's brakes squeal as the limo comes to a smooth stop. The back window rolls down and a voice can be heard inside.*


VOICE: What's the hold up? I've got the good word of my gospel to spread tonight!


*The gate keeper walks to the back window. His eyes get big as he see's who is inside.*


GATE KEEPER: Uhh, Sir... I don't think you--


VOICE: What's the issue here? Do your job monkey, just push the button to let me in!


GATE KEEPER: I'm afraid I can't do that sir...


VOICE: What?? Don't you recognize me? Or does the new look have you confused?


GATE KEEPER: I've been given specific orders to never allow you in again... again...


*The man inside lets out a low laugh.*


VOICE: Do you know how symbolic this is? Do you know how typical this is? A man comes back to Riot to try and change people's lives and is refused by some nobody at the gate. Even when they kicked me out they sent a telegram to my hotel room. They don't even have the nerve to refuse me to my face!


GATE KEEPER: Then why are you back here?


*The man inside of the limo rolls his window up, leaving the gate keeper looking confused. Seconds later, the window comes back down.*


VOICE: As stupid as a question as that is, I'll answer it anyways, perhaps you are in need of the gospel as well. You see, I am a changed man! I have finally FINALLY been lead to the path of righteousness! I have been saved, and not in the sense that that boring loser that's only good for being a designated driver goes on about on Friday nights. I have found the gospel in the Dark Church of Whatever! They have brought out the true good in me and have destroyed the demons that have haunted me and my career!


GATE KEEPER: Well I still can't let you in, and if you don't leave now then I'll have to inform the authorities.


VOICE: If you do that then you are refusing the lost souls in the arena a chance at a new start, just like you and the management refuse me that chance.


GATE KEEPER: There's nothing I can do sir.


VOICE: So be it.


*Ruffling sounds can be heard inside of the limo, just before the man's hand comes out of the window with a book in hand.*


VOICE: I give you this gift, it's called The Book of Whatever. Read it, study it, and know it. I guarantee you, it will save your life.


*The gate keeper takes the book in hand and looks at it. The window of the limo rolls up and the limo exits the scene.*

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