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What Happens in Cabo...

Wesley Adams Poe

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*A camera kicks to life coming to focus on a manual close-up on a gorgeous female face, as she slowly backs up from the camera the focus becomes clear and the woman is Dr. Heather Quinn.*


*As the shot widens her whole body comes into view and she realizes her open robe is practically revealing her nude body, she quickly closes it and double wraps it around her thin waist. She then sits down on a couch and the shot widens a bit more to show off what appears to be a honeymoon suite. Across from the couch is a lavishly decorated king size bed but the pillows, comforters, and sheets are scattered across the room, like a wild animal had come in thrashing about. The only thing remaining on the bed is the elated body of Wesley Adams Poe.*

Poe: You know, I thought it was always just a song but your sexual healing always seems to do the trick doctor.

Quinn: Poe, You agreed if we did that again…and let that be the last time, you would do another session with me.


Poe: Well what do you want to know?

Quinn: You’ve changed

Poe: What, am I not as charming? Usually you’re begging me for round three.


Quinn: See but that’s it, you are still very charming, well not that last thing you just said, which I might add, is the first time you’ve rhymed all night, but other than that, You’ve made me feel like I wasn’t just getting too deeply involved in my work for once.


Poe: I don’t know I thought I was getting pretty deep…


Quinn: Stop being a creep Wesley You know what I mean. You don’t seem like the terrifying yet tantalizing sociopath you were, I didn’t feel like you were…having your way with me, I felt like we were, we were making…


Poe: DON’T! Don’t say it…I agree.


Quinn: You’re acting like a regular man, a Good man. The one every woman must see, the reason they let you get away with what you were, because they were waiting for this, hoping you’d show them this. I know Kelly couldn’t stop going on about it, I nearly had to fire her for your sake.

Poe: Well I don’t know. This vacation has just been great I guess, even though I stole the plane tickets, Threatened the hotel manager that I’d introduce his daughter to certain pimp I know, who’s one cold crop if I say so myself, just to get this room, and let my neighbor’s dog loose on the freeway.

*Theres a few seconds of silence then Heather softly asks*


Quinn: Why’d you let the dog out on the freeway?


*Poe shrugged and Heather gasped in disbelief.*


Poe: It was just a Pug! It reminded me of Valmont.

Quinn: That Dog was innocent!

Poe:I don’t know, Valmont's face is pretty criminal,and that dog was a doppelganger' if I ever saw one. Besides the owners got it back after a few near misses.

Quinn: So they got it back safe?


Poe: Well…


Quinn: Wesley!

Poe: I said a few near misses; they got it back after some old Chinese woman clipped its leg and got out to catch it. Fortunately she had a little cage and a lot of doggy treats already on hand.

*Quinn gasps again*


Poe: What? That’s what gave me the idea to Order in tonight, at least one useful thing came out of it.


Quinn: Promise me you’ll never do something like that again, I know you’re a good person Wesley, and you showed me that, now when this vacation ends I want you to show everybody else too, show them the Wesley I know.


Poe: After what I’ve done? No one could see me as “good” I’ve never believed in the word in that context anyway, man can’t be good, and it’s not like I should or could expect the fans to look past all I’ve done and make me the person they are happy to see walk down that ramp. I can’t be their new Franchize.

Quinn: Well of course, no one can, no one’s asking you to, But be their new Poe, The Poe the fans have wanted you to be ever since you stepped into the ring; ever since the Steve started to train you, and they rallied behind you when he began to abuse you and you ended up defeating him at your first ever Wrestlution.


Poe: Wow I doubt anyone remembers that…and if it wasn’t for the numbers being on my side, I’m not too sure that would have happened.

Quinn: Maybe, maybe not…but don’t leave that up to chance, the Numbers will always be on your side if you have the OCW Fans behind you. Be their champion Poe.

Poe:I can’t expect them to forgive me for what I’ve done, and I will not beg for it, plus they already have a champion.


Quinn: Right Chris Ryder, who already forgave you. If a man who you put through hell for no reason forgives you, what makes you think the people won’t, especially if you try to give them someone worth forgiving?


Poe: I don’t know Heather.


Quinn: Well go and try, for me.


Poe: Wow all those dramatics and then that’s your closing argument?

Quinn: Well I have a job, and I can’t let you keep me trapped up in this room forever.


Poe: The Door’s right there, it’s not locked, and no one’s holding a gun to your head.

Quinn: Wrong again.


Poe: How?

Quinn: There’s no way I would let myself live if I left with such a fine specimen of Man laying across from me on a bed with fivethousand count sheets.

Poe: but the sheets are on the floor…


Quinn: Well that should prevent the rugburn.


*Poe gets up very quickly and his face appears grinning in the camera, it begins to power down as he steps away picking up Dr. Quinn from the couch and it fades to black.*


2009 Season:

Singles Record:3/2/0

Tag (Including Handicaps):0/0/0

Gimmick Matches:Trip.Threats:0/1/0

Championship Matches:


Career Achievements:

Dual Champ.

Best Feud Nomination in 2008

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