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'Flesh' Ink


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Online Championship Wrestling management instructed Matt Lamonicka to orchestrate an internet update to introduce the fans to a potential acquisition which would be later uploaded on the website if the superstar in question signed a deal. With a camera crew in his tracks, Matt ventured to the OCW Headquarters to meet this individual as he was scheduled in a meeting with Human Resources.




The pristine clean hallways of the OCW Headquarters had its tranquil silence disturbed as the sound of hasted footsteps bellowed down the lobbies. A late interview and an exhausted camera crew charged through the building at breakneck speed. All of a sudden they stop in their tracks at the sight of a well dressed gentlemen talking on his cell phone, outside the human resources office. Before they confront the man, they begin planning at an ear shot distance.


[Matt Lamonicka:] Ok fellas you ready?!


[Camera man:] *huff* *puff* Nearly giv me a sec! *weeze*


[supervisor:] I tell ya what this guy better sign on the dotted line, ive got a stitch!


[Matt Lamonicka:] Don’t be such a baby!


[supervisor:] Oh yeah im the baby! I aint the guy who jumped in the lift before we could get too it!


[Matt Lamonicka:] And? The exercise will do you some good….


[Camera man:] Dude shut up, have you ever tried to hurl this equipment up ten flights of stairs?


[Matt Lamonicka:] Lets not lose sight of the job at hand…ok?


The camera man and the supervisor stared at one another with a dumbfounded look


[Matt Lamonicka:] Jeez guys it was justa joke! Here hows this? We finish up here and I’ll buy ya a drink, eh?


[Camera man:] yeah great, maybe the alcohol will take the pain out of the back of my knee caps….

[Matt Lamonicka:] That’s the spirit!


[supervisor:] SSSH! Whos that guy over there talking to anyway?


Their attention was drawn down the corridor where the gentlemen was in a formal conversation on his cell phone.

[Gentlemen:] Yes and I understand that, I really do. The question is, can that clause bite me in the arse or not?

[Camera man:] Hes British?

[Matt Lamonicka:] SSSSSHHHH!


[supervisor:] SSSH!


The gentlemen turned back at the three men with an annoyed expression smeared across his face. He swiftly turned his back to them in order to continue his conversation undisturbed


[Gentlemen:] Oh that? Don’t worry about it, some employees are just messing around. Anyway they showed me the figures….it’s a little under what we expected…..by how much? About thirty thousand dollars roughly….so what should I do? Aha…yeah….ok I get you….oh that’s pretty clever…yeah Hahahaha


[Matt Lamonicka:] Alright here we go. You grab your stupid clipboard and you pick up that camera Shrek! I want to be drinking a Budweiser fairly fucking soon so lets got!


The three men casually strolled up to the gentlemen while giving him enough room to pace backwards and forwards as he continued his phone call. Matt caught the gentlemen’s attention with a wave but was responded with an index finger indicated to wait. Then Matt decided a second attempt and quietly asked:


[Matt Lamonicka:] pssst ive been asked to interview you so please hurry up….


A look of dismay was the result of Matt’s request. The gentlemen concluded his conversation briefly


[Gentlemen:] sorry something has just came up. Yehuh, got it, when I head back in the meeting ill tell her that, ok bub-bye


Once the call had ended, a tense atmosphere suddenly emanated by the unknown gentlemen.


[Matt Lamonicka:] Hey my name is Matt Lamonicka and I am an interview for OCW.


[Gentlemen:] I know who you are and its very nice to mee-


[Matt Lamonicka:] Yeah yeah just look at the camera and pretend to be tough big guy!

[Gentlemen:] Excuse me?!

[Camera man:] 3-2-1 Go!


With a microphone at hand Matt goes straight into the interview without remotely responding to the gentlemen’s confusion, even with a glimpse

[Matt Lamonicka:] Hello there wrestling fans it is I Matt Lamonicka bringing you a very special update here today. Standing by I have by my side a superstar that you WILL be seeing in the squared circle. Judging by his dress sense, I think fashion consulting will be his best offence.


[supervisor:] *Bursts into laughter*

[Matt Lamonicka:] One has to wonder what place this perhaps former pen pusher has in the wrestling industry. Maybe we’ll see this guy sparkle more than World title does.


[Camera man:] *giggles*


[Matt Lamonicka:] OCW fans you cannot expect this guy to lace up his boots, more than likely he’ll be too busy choosing the champs!


Before a blink of an eye the gentlemen snatched the microphone from Matt with ferocity. An unexpected smirk was painted on the gentlemen’s face as he was about to have his own say

[Gentlemen:] Do you think that’s funny?! Do you?


[Matt Lamonicka:] Well I.. I… I…


[Gentlemen:] Yu-you-you you what?!


[Matt Lamonicka:] Ok Ok Ok I get where your coming from, relax….


[Gentlemen:] You stand there, look stupid and watch as I announce myself! Those OCW fans want to know a bit about me? My skills have been showcased across the globe but the same questions have haunted me throughout my career.


“Why havent you had a run in the OCW?”


“Can you make it in the OCW?”


“Are you in OCW’s league?”


[Matt Lamonicka:] I can answer that it’s a -


[Gentlemen:] Just stand there, be quite and look gullable ok?!


[Matt Lamonicka:] Ok ok ok!


[Camera man:] Dude stop trying to piss the guy off


[Gentlemen:] Those questions you fans just couldn’t resist to ask could you? One night I called my lawyer, arranged a meeting like here today and then something hit me. They speak to me about profits, entertainment, value and the impact I’ll have on this entire company! The very moment the contract was drafted, I knew I hold them in the palm of my hand!


[Matt Lamonicka:] You think your above us?


[Gentlemen:] Oh your not a bright one are you? My career has been very profitable and the jump to OCW is a secured venture financially. Actually wait …. I have a question for you….


[Matt Lamonicka:] No need to ask, these trousers are not the latest fashion….


[Gentlemen:] Do you know the difference between a smart guy and an annoying pest?


[Matt Lamonicka:] No wha-


Without warning the Gentlemen punched Matt Lamonicka that sent him hurtling backwards and instantly knocked out as the back of his head hit the ground


[Gentlemen:] Hey Camera man!

The Gentlemen approached the camera man only to follow him as he slowly retreated in fear. Before he could get very far, the gentlemen pulled out a bundle of money and slapped it in the palm of his hand

[Gentlemen:] Do me a favour take a snap shot, print him a copy and write “The difference is three feet”

As Matt laid unconscious the Gentlemen stood over him while searching through his pockets to retrieve a golden pen. With a pen at hand, the Gentlemen wrote his signature across the forehead of the incapacitated interviewer. His signature read “Kazama”

Kazama calmly placed his pen in his top pocket, stepped over the interviewers carcass and entered the office. The last thing heard on the camera before it faded to black was Kazama screaming upon entering the office



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That's right! Punch that motherfucka!


That Lamonika guy... I neva liked him. For all I know he had me setup and my North American title hunt cancelled.


See what I did there?


  • OCW World Heavyweight Champion [3 Times]
  • CCW Champion [1 Time]
  • Future Investment Winner 2006 [inaugural]
  • 2007 OCW Co-Wrestler of the Year [ W/ Nate Ortiz] They just couldn't give it to a black!
  • OCW Hall of Famer | Class 2008



Father of Royce and Theodore J Bentley

Future OCW Champions (It's gonna happen one day whores!)

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Thanks guys


Feel free to add me on Xbox Live. Amorist is my Gamertag


Ill churn some more rps out, for the time being I need to rp while I create my character. Repurchasing a copy of Smackdown vs Raw tomorrow so will make a start.

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