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A Public Display


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An edition of Online Champonship Wrestling broadcast of RIOT blazes onto the television screens throughout the globe. A couple minute introduction displays right before the pyrotechnics explodes up from titantron and illuminate the stage.


Straight after the eye pleasing demonstration the noice from the crowd bellowed through the camera. The atmosphere in the arena was nothing short of excitement. Camera circled across searching fans reactions and concluded by a straight shot of the ring.


Within the ring laid a red carpet laid across the canvas with a leather chair and desk assembled. Intrigue began to fill the air as everyone aaited for the opening segment.


Taking spectators by suprise the titantron erupted an unfamiliar superstar's theme. All eyes were directed center stage to witness Kazama passing through the curtain. Kazama was dressed in a smart and formal fashion. With a microphone at hand and briefcase in the other, he proceeded down the ramp. On his way down to the ring he barely acknowledged the fans screaming for his attention. The crowd gradually got the impression of this wrestlers arrogance and boo's slowly stirred up.


Trekking in the steel steps, Kazama wiped his shoes along the apron before entering the ring. Kazama took a couple moments to scan around his surroundings. Growing a smirk on his face he slammed his briefcase on the table and parched his backside on the smooth leather chair.


[Fans:] Booooooooooooooooo!


The negativity only brightened Kazamas smile, he found fans reacted very funny and decided to provoke further more by placing his feet on the table.




Kazama swiftly pulled his feet back kill booing so he had the audiences attention to speak his mind. Placing the microphone to his mouth Kazama addressed OCW's many paying customers.


[Kazama:] Guess who's back!


[Fans:] Booooooooooooooo!


[Kazama:] *laughs* Never a dull moment with you guys huh? I got ta tell ya this company is just as they said. "Welcome to the big time" everyone told me that when I arrived here today. I guess those people don't know who the hell I am....


Using his free arm, Kazama opened his briefcase to reveal a DVD case and raised it above his head for the World to see. Camera quickly zoomed at the case to get a clear picture.




[Kazama:] This is Diversity! Released last year on DVD by my former employers. Anyone who wants to know just who the hell I am, heres your answer. You see some of you hardcore OCW enthusiasts think Im a kid who broke into the business. Your very very wrong....


[Fans:]Who are ya?! Who are ya?! Who are ya?!


[Kazama:] Then theres....the people who are all about wrestling. Those who hide in the safety of their parents basement. Same people that tracked my career from the get go. Bet it made your day hearing about my OCW contract signing, bet it broke the schedule of you visiting facebook to veiw your depressing life, your myspace account to see your old class mates do better than you and your all important wrestling "spoiler site".


[Fans:] You suck! You suck! You suck!


[Kazama:] Oh really? I suck? I have a six figure salary, I wear expensive suites and I am recognised across the globe.


Kazama left his seat to stroll across the perimeter of the canvas showinf off his suite to those at ringside


[Kazama:] So you dont suck? How do I stop? Shall I get a seat with the rest of you, sit there looking dumb and devour my own bodyweight in pop corn? Oh I'll happily suck!


[Fans:] Kaz sucks *claps* Kaz sucks *claps*


[Kazama:] Please continue, I like to amuse the simple minded.... Im sure most of you are familiar with refunds? Yeah whenever your disatisfied with a product, the availability of getting the money back is a legality. Well in your case the money would be from somone else where seeing how most of you have probably never worked a day in your life....




[Kazama:] Im about to change those boo's into cheers and ovations. Now that Kazama is in Online Championship Wrestling you will be introduced to the opposition of refunding. When you see me competing every chance I see fit, you'll feel that the quality is above the ticket price. I encourage all of you right here to walk up to the ticket office and donate a 100% tip!


The arena falls under an awkward silence


[Kazama:] Its only a matter of time before I step in this squared circle to compete. That ticket price wont match on the kind of star power that ill bring to the table! Think about it, with me your certified to see the best wrestling in the world, ill make your life a little more meaningful as you watch how great mine progresses and most of all ill provide the stories for you to tell your grand kids someday! Hahahahahaha




Amongst the abuse Kazama takes a relaxed breathe and absorbs the attention with glea in his eyes. Without warning a smile transfers into an expression of determination and passion


[Kazama:] ALRIGHT LISTEN UP AND LISTEN GOOD! Business is why im here and business is what I intend to do. OCW gave me a lucarative deal to take it to the next level and believe me...ill do that. My name has circulated in numerous promotions, its time its set it stone in the biggest promotion of them all.


Without emotion Kazama pulled out a single playing card out of his briefase. The card was a personalised ACE card in purple. Kazama glanced at the card while speaking...


[Kazama:] Industrys are like a deck of cards. Royalty conquers. There is a King & Queen of Pop, a King of Rock n Roll, A King of the Ring and me.....Kazama......THE PRINCE OF ACES!


All of a sudden the card burst into flames, leaving the arena in disbelief. At a relax pace Kazama left the ring and retired backstage. No further negativity eminated from the fans for they still had a hard time deciphering what they just witneesed.

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I like the old style way of rp (with pictures). Nice job Kazama.


Only thing though you can't use a real show in the promo room section. You could say that it has been cut out of the show. Like an unaired item. It would have been better if you posted it for a real show imo.

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I like the old style way of rp (with pictures). Nice job Kazama.


Only thing though you can't use a real show in the promo room section. You could say that it has been cut out of the show. Like an unaired item. It would have been better if you posted it for a real show imo.


What he said

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