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Nathan Gaines

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**"Reminder" by Jay-Z hits the PA system as Wonderful Wesley appears on stage. Wesley, who seems relatively upbeat despite the actions of last week, is dressed in a black long-sleeve shirt, bluejeans, and his signature black do-rag with his dark shades on. Wesley, who's never been one to miss an opportunity to talk has a microphone in hand as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. **

Wesley: You can all thank me later for allowing you a chance to see the Wonderful one in this very ring even though I wasn't booked.


**The Crowd Boos as Wesley "presents" himself to the crowd**


Wesley: Anyways I'd like to get down to some pressing matters concerning me and my title. See last week I was within inches of beating that fraud of a champion Jacob Trance. I was a move away from beating the champion and setting up my chance to challenge for the title. HOWEVAH!!! I was cowardly attacked after the match by that has-been never was Nathan Gaines.


Wesley: In the last three weeks Gaines has decided to declare himself number one contender for the EX-Strap. He lost at Road 2 Glory and wasn't even close. Yet he seems to think that he's in line for another shot. He thinks that he's in front of the prized posession of the EX-Divison. The Wonderful one himself. As far as I see Gaines should head to the back of the line, hell he should pack it up an head home all together.


**Just than "I need a hero" by Skillet hits the PA System and Nathan Gaines appears at the top of the stage. Gaines who looks rather strung out is dressed in a beige button down shirt, blue jeans and has a white bandana tied around his head. He slowly makes his way down to the ring, going up the ramp stairs very slowly and climbing through the ropes as he is face to face with Wesley. Gaines looks almost sullen and down-trodden, as he pulls a microphone from his back pocket**


Wesley: What no chair this time? Or did you decide to just swing chairs at no name rookies? What happened Mr. Fan-Favorite?


Gaines: I'm sorry


*Wesley looks slightly taken back as the crowd is rather confused with Gaines apologizing for hitting Wesley with a chair the week before.**


Gaines: I'm sorry you didn't take my warning and stay out of my way. I have no problem with you, our paths have never crossed and I was perfectly fine with keeping it that way. Last week I told you to stay out of my way. As for James Devitt, I apologized to him as well, but unlike you he just happened to be a casulty of circumstance. Wrong place wrong time.


Wesley: I don't care about your little sob story here. All I care about is you acknowledgin that Wonderful Wesley is the better man and the future EX-Division Champion. You're career is a disgrace and the sooner you acknowledge that you'll never be the wrestler or have the career that I have.


Gaines: Don't you get it. Everything about my career is wrapped up in that title and beating Jacob Trance. I have no career if I can't beat him. Everything I've done in my career has always been played as second fiddle to another person. All of this has nothing to do with you or Devitt, the fans or even Trance. This has everything to do me and proving that I can seize the moment. That I'm just as good as the next one. That I won't be forgotten. Heroes are never forgotten, but legends never die. I want one more legendary moment at Wrestlution, a moment that I can seize. If Trance doesn't want to give me that, tonight I'll win the Future Investment match and secure my chance to face any champion. Then after the match I'll cash in my opportunity to face Jacob Trance on the grandest stage of all.


*Wesley stand in front of Gaines clapping and shedding fake tears. Basically he is mocking Gaines to his face.**


Wesley: Moving story old timer, really you touched me. But as with all "fairy-tales" they aren't really and this fantasy you've created needs a dose of realness. You see you'll never get a chance at the EX-Strap as long as I'm here. I deserve my shot before you get your second opportunity to stink up the joint. I'll be making sure that I"m the next one to get a shot at that belt. And that my friend is Wonderful.....


**Wesley drops the mic as his music plays. Gaines is left stunned in the ring, and looks even more depressed and sad than he was when he entered. Wesley who is smirking, makes his way up the ramp turns to face the ring as he back peddles, and makes the jesture with his hands around his waist indicating that he will be champion. **

LocoNY911: I hate you with every fiber of my being just looking at your name makes me want to strike my monitor

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