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Post Riot

Iceberg LeTuce

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*I get all the girls I get all the girls. This song plays as OCW TV Champion Iceberg Le’Tuce walks down to the ramp. He is accompanied by Eva Hotolova who dances into the ring. The pimp follows and reaches for a mic. He enters the ring and the music cuts.*


Le’Tuce: Hello braugh’s and braughette’s! That was one helluva show we had last night huh? *The crowd chant OCW, OCW* You know, I was sitting in the car celebrating with the lovely Eva last night *The crowd begin to wolf whistle* and I came up with a great idea! I’m going to offer a challenge to anyone who thinks they can beat me! I want to have one hell of a match and entertain you people out there!


*The crowd cheer as Eva takes a seat on the turnbuckle and begins to file her nails*


Le’Tuce: There will be only one stipulation, to put on the best TV title match OCW has ever seen!


*The crowd erupt into cheers and chant Lution! Lution!*


Le’Tuce: Oh, I almost forgot, the more than lovely Eva will be taking part in the Battle Royal at Wrestlution for the Woman’s Championship!


*Eva looks up in disinterest and gives a quick wave before turning back to her nails*


Le’Tuce: Well…you could show some more enthusiasm….I mean you where getting right into it the other night with that guy in the gimp mask when he asked to put his head in your…..


*The ring announcer runs over and stops Le’Tuce before he finishes his sentence.*


Le’Tuce: Oh sorry braugh, well lets hope the run up to Lution will be one to remember!


*I get all the girs hits as Le’Tuce and Eva walk back up the ramp holding the TV Title between them*

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Always Glad to see more RP's and i'm interested who will take this challenge.

Just as a note of keeping things clean and clear, why would you and fans be at a riot ring the night after riot? I only say that cause the Rp says, "We had last night," I mean this would work just fine if maybe you explained that is was an autograph session at the ring before OCW heads to the next city or something like that you know. Nothing wrong with the RP sides that tho, like i said I want to know who's gonna take the challenge. But as a house keeping note so bitches can't complain when youre main event, make everything relative and sensible, and while i'm being uber analytical, It's still a good RP, just trying to stay constructive and not let this go unseen.


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