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Short, Sweet and to the point

Iceberg LeTuce

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*The scene opens in the locker of an unknown OCW superstar. All that can be seen is a leather sofa. Ex OCW TV Champion Iceberg Le'Tuce walks in from the right of the screen and sits down.*

Le'Tuce: Sigh......


*Eva enters from the left of the shot and takes a seat*

Eva: Sigh......


*They both look at each other*

Le'Tuce: Lose?


Eva: Yeah, you?


Le'Tuce: Yeah.


Eva: Look on the brightside....


Le'Tuce: Which is?


Eva: .....shut up.


Le'Tuce: *looking at the empty spot on his coffee table* I'm not done with that belt. I will do whatever it takes to win it back. *Standing up* Come hell or high water, i will become the OCW TV Champ once more!


Eva: Haha, your fly is unzipped.


Le'Tuce: Crap....*looing down and seeing that he is wearing wrestling tights*.... I hate you, you know that right?


Eva: Yes i do.


Le'Tuce: You know what? I'm gonna call DJack and tell him you're half price.



*The scene fades with Le'Tuce picking up his phone and Eva starting to nap on the sofa*

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