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Riot Notice

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You guys have had over 5 days and I see about two things plus my own stuff. Now I hope by the time I get up in the morning all the matches will be there plus a lot more content because right now I am looking at the Submission section and I see hardly anything. If it's like this when I get up in the morning then I wont bother putting Riot up. I am not wasting my time if you guys are not going to put in the effort. Not putting the show back every time either. The same goes with Damnation.

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You are all fucking jackasses. Going into a PPV and shit isn't submitted? Stop being asshats (R.I.P Yoho) and get shit done. Let this be the last time I have to do this. Uh.. Hold Dat


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Father of Royce and Theodore J Bentley

Future OCW Champions (It's gonna happen one day whores!)

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