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A Look Into The Past

David Jackson

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*The camera fades in and we see Jim Black and David Jackson sitting across from each other. They are in the interview room at OCW Studios chatting away. Jim is in his business casual attire and D-Jack is in his street clothes with the pirate paint on. We manage to catch the tail end of the conversation as the interview start.*


Black: How did you not get the cops called on you with that war paint on? Did anyone see you with that finger paint on your face?


Jackson: (Laughs) No Jim, I do not wear the paint outside of the arena. I wait and remove it when I am alone. To this day, very few people in the locker room has seen me without my face painted or a mask on.


Black: (Raise an eyebrow) Very interesting to know, now, let's get to the reason I asked you here. I was curious as to what you have been up to since you got fired a few years back. Then, out of the blue, you were on the card at Wrestlution. I know how much you love to talk when someone asks you questions, so let's get to it.


Jackson: (Smirks) Fire away with the questions and let's see how many I can answer.


Black: You were fired due to your poor performances in the ring, your lack of activity outside the ring, and your general lack of effort period. What was going through your head at that time?


Jackson: I was 22 at the time and I had been on the road since my 19th birthday. I had not taken any time off for myself and that probably contributed to my attitude. I was in a heavy fog. I just didn't care about wrestling, performing, or doing anything for OCW. A few months before I was banned I was ready to call it quits when something unexpected. Big Joe D contacted me and asked if I wanted to form a tag team with him. I readily accepted and he said that he would contact me within the next few days to start training together. (Sighed) Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months with nothing from Big Joe D. Then, I woke up one morning and got a phone call from OCW Headquarters that I was no longer apart of OCW period. I understood why they did that and they wished me the best of luck on my future endeavors.


Black: How were the next few days after that fateful phone call?


Jackson: I remember feeling relieved and worried at the same time. I was relieved that I didn't have to travel on the road for the next few weeks. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get in the ring again. I spent the time looking at my finances and trying to figure out my next move.


Black: What was your financial situation then and what was your next move?


Jackson: My financial situation was very well in hand. I am not a big partier or a big spender by nature. I had saved up quite a bit of money so I could've retired for many years if I wanted to. But, I decided to not sit around and wait for something to come to me, that's how I got fired. I decided to see what business opportunities Hoover, Alabama had.


Black: (Questioning look) What kind of business opportunities did Hoover have? I've never been there, but I know it is not a large city.


Jackson: (Nods in assurance) You are correct there Jim. Hoover is not a large city, but that doesn't mean opportunity is gone from that town. I had come across a two story building about 10 minutes from my house that used to hold a Karate Dojo on its entire ground bottom floor and several different business on the top level. It was now entirely vacated due to poor business. Let's face it, the economy is not what it once was. I bought up the property from the previous owner and D-Jack's House of Fun and Pain.


Black: (Laughs hard)HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...(D-Jack looks at his watch)...(Jim stops laughing)...I'm sorry David, but D-Jack's House of Fun and Pain is a most unusual name for a building. Let's say I'm a potential customer and I was passing by, why would I want to go to your building?


Jackson: The bottom floor is one big gym and is the coolest floor of the building, temperature wise. We have everything from cardio to straight up weight lifting. I was very proud of how many different workout machines I was able to get into that floor and still have a good amount of room for lockers, maneuverability, and my sustenance machines.


Black: The bottom floor sounds impressive, but what about the rest of the building and what is in those machines?


Jackson: The middle floor host is one big room and it hosts my rings. It has a boxing ring, a wrestling ring, a amateur wrestling mat, a full-time trainer's room, my office, more machines, and I even teach wrestling to students when I am in town. When I am not in town, some of my friends from past federations I have been apart of are more than happy to fill-in for me. As to answer what is in the machines, free stuff. Soft drinks, energy drinks, Gatorade's, nutrition bars, etc.


Black: (Jaw drops) All that stuff is FREE?!? How are you able to afford it all? Also, middle floor? I thought there were only two floors to your building.


Jackson: The is a catch to the free stuff. You need a lifetime membership card to access it. The lifetime membership is the only membership I offer. As long as you pay the membership fee, $10 a month. You can stay away for a couple of months and have your card re-activated whenever you feel like returning. Also, yes, I added a 3rd floor to the place. With what I had in mind, I needed it.


Black: All that stuff for only $10 a months? Man, you are a cheap date...(both burst out laughing)...(While he is laughing)...didn't see that coming did you? (David shakes his head no) Good, neither did I. (Both catch their breath) What did you have in mind that you had to add a 3rd floor?


Jackson: (Still catching his breath) That was a good one, Jim, you really got me. The 3rd floor actually came as a bit of a necessity to Hoover. The arcade at the Riverchase Galleria had been shut down and it was never coming back. The entire 3rd floor is one big game room filled with my favorite video games from yesteryear and current generation. Also, a section with chairs and tables is reserved for card players. By card players, I mean Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon, etc. They can play in safety and in climate controlled rooms. This gets them out of the house and no more parents saying "Your friends have been here long enough, get them out of here, and why don't you get out more?"


Black: Sounds like you've had some experience with that statement. Can we get some examples of what video game cabinets you have and how much they cost?


Jackson: That I can certainly do. 1942, Alien vs Predator, Batman Forever: The Arcade Game, Bloody Roar 2 & 3, Capcom vs SNK: Millennium Fight 2000, and 2 Dance Dance Revolutions hooked up to each other. What makes these two stand out is not only can new songs be added at any time, but you can challenge team vs team or 1 vs 1. All machines cost 25 cents except the DDRs, which cost 50 cents for 3 songs. I have many more machines in that 3rd floor, but I can't remember them all.


Black: Is the game room part of the membership or is it something different altogether?


Jackson: The game room is part of the membership and it also takes quarters. So, members and anyone off the streets alike can have fun.


Black: It sound like one fun place to hang out and get healthy. One more question and I will be done with you for today. Did this set you back at all?


Jackson: No, it did not set me back at all. It did cost quite a pretty penny, but I still alot of money left. Plus, that's not all I did while I was gone.


Black: In that case, I look forward to our future interview on what else you have done with yourself. This is Jim Black with David Jackson saying goodnight and signing off.


*The camera starts to fade and we chat Jim Black and David Jackson shaking hands and walking off camera. The camera fades.*

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when is part 2?



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