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A Look Into The Past pt 2

David Jackson

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*The camera fades in and we see Jim Black and David Jackson sit across each other. They are back in the interview room at OCW studios. Jim is wearing a business casual outfit and David is in his street clothes with war paint. They are ready and set to finish the interview.*


Black: (Looks at the camera) Thank you for joining us once again ladies and gentlemen. As always I am Jim Black here with David Jackson, who is back to finish the interview we did a few days ago. (Turns to D-Jack) Now David, during our last interview, you told us about what you did during your last few months in OCW, what you did after you got fired from OCW, and described an amazing business that attracts a ton of business each month. That would've made anyone else that I can think of happy for the rest of their days, but you said that that was not all. (Raises his eyebrow) What else did you between then and Wrestlution 5 when you returned?


Jackson: I did a few more things during my time away. (Thinks for a moment) The 1st thing that popped in my head is my grandparents.


Black: What does your grandparents have to do with you keeping busy?


Jackson: My grandparents live about an hour away from my current house on a farm. The place has needed repairs and updating for quite some time, but I never had the time to help.


Black: What all needed to be done and what all did you do?


Jackson: To start off, my grandparents needed a new fence around their property. The old one was decaying and was falling apart. I took out the old fence posts, put in new ones, made them plum, and wrapped them in barbed wire.


Black: (Confused) What does plum mean David?


Jackson: Plum is an old builder's term meaning it is straight up and level. Anyway, their barn needed a new room and floor on the 2nd floor, so that took even more time than the fence. The chicken cook needed to have the holes patched up, and I dug a well.


Black: How long were you doing all this and did you have help?


Jackson: I was at my grandparents house for quite a few weeks helping them do all this. The only time my grandfather and I need was needed was barn maintenance. I contracted some local help who were out of jobs at the time.


Black: (Smiles) David Jackson wearing overalls and being a country boy...I wish I could've seen that. What else did you do after that?


Jackson: After I finished with the farm, I stayed in my house for a week and I didn't leave for any reason other than to get groceries and that was it. After that week passed, my brother contacted me out of the blue and said that he had some vacation time coming up. He wondered if I would like to join him in Orlando, Florida to go visit the theme parks. I couldn't pass that up, so I agreed and we left for Florida the next day.


Black: What all did you do in Florida?


Jackson: My brother and I went to Sea World, Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, etc. and we had a blast. Usually, when it is just me and my brother, we pick on each other alot till the other gets mad and storms off. That was not the case this time. The only time we were annoyed was when the Tower of Terror in Disney World stopped mid-fall and were stuck there for 30 minutes. I guess you could say my brother and I got closer. I would also say that we matured during that trip, but that will probably never happen.


Black: Did your brother ever wanted to be a wrestler like you?


Jackson: He did at one point in time. This was back when I was 21 and he was 19. He told me that he wanted to be a wrestler like me. I warned him that there would be blood, sweat, and sacrifice to be a wrestler. Still, I decided to let him join me at Gold's Gym one day to see what all he could do. After that day, my brother complained about how tired he was from the workout and quit. He hasn't wanted to be a wrestler since.


Black: I guess wrestling doesn't run through your family's blood. Does anyone else in your family wrestle?


Jackson: (Thinks a moment) No, no one else in my family wrestles. It's just me.


Black: The lone wrestling wolf of the family, interesting. Did you do anything else?


Jackson: I did some volunteer work over a place called Callaway Gardens.


Black: What is Callaway Gardens and what kind of volunteering did you do?


Jackson: Callaway Gardens is a outdoor park that has everything nature lovers want to see. To truly take in what it is, you have to come down and see it. As far as what kind of volunteering I did, I planted new plants, worked security at night a few times, helped cleaned the walkways, substituted for the accountant whenever he was sick, and I think that was it.


Black: I've never heard of a park needing a accountant. How does that work out?


Jackson: The park has a outdoor stage and a pavilion that hosts wedding receptions, family reunions, graduation parties, etc. The owner's strong point isn't numbers, so he hired a accountant.


Black: I understand now. Is there anything else that you did to occupy your time?


Jackson: (Hmm) I can't think of anything else right now. If I do think of something, I'll let you know.


Black: Ok, then let's skip straight to that fateful day you got a phone call. What were you doing?


Jackson: I was enjoying a good snooze. It was a week before the Wrestlution 5 card was up, it was 8 in the morning when the phone rang, and I answered it while being half awake. I asked who it was and the person on the line said she was with OCW HQ and she had some news for me. I was going to be in a surprise match at Wrestlution. My opponent was going to be Dane Xavier and the winner would receive a OCW contract. I was in a state of complete shock and surprise.


Black: I can only imagine what was going through your mind when you got the news. What did you do to prepare for this match?


Jackson: Ever since I left OCW, I kept up my workout routine and my cardio. I enjoyed being in shape too much to turn into a fat couch potato. So, I just pushed myself a little bit harder to prepare for the match. I did no wrestling training before I got to MSG in New York City.


Black: (Stunned) You were given an opportunity of a life to perform at Wrestlution 5, the 1st one you competed at since Wrestlution 1 and you didn't practice your moves? What in the world pre-occupied your time?


Jackson: (Frowned) My lovely and fun building that I bought was being sued. I was in a court room the day after I got that phone call till the afternoon of my flight to New York City.


Black: (More understanding) Who in the world sued you and why?


Jackson: A man who swore to be a membership holder said that one of the tread mills suddenly went 15-20 mph faster. He also said that it flew him off the machine and into a wall. He was seeking psychological damages and threatened to sue me if I didn't pay him off. I laughed in his face and said I'll see you in court. To make a long story short, the man was never a member and was just looking for a way to score some quick cash. He was arrested for fraud and he is in jail now. As soon as that trail ended, I bolted towards the airport and flew to MSG.


Black: Congratulations on your legal victory and sorry to hear that someone tried to con you. I understand that you had one sparring match before Wrestlution. Who was your sparring partner?


Jackson: Mayhem, believe it or not. He wanted to see if I had made any progress since I was last with the company.


Black: I would've suggested someone easier to spar with, like a train.


Jackson: Nah, I've faced Mayhem before. I was his 1st match when he returned to OCW back in 2006 and I am still paying off those doctor bills. I'm still itchin' to face him again and pay him back for that squash match.


Black: It's your funeral D-Jack, I'll make sure to say something nice about you at your eulogy. Now, onto show time ,you arrived at the arena with your old green and blue attire on and you received a surprise as you were making your way to the locker room. What was the surprise?


Jackson: (Smiles) My good friend Baxter welcomed me back with a hand shake and a new attire. I was against wearing war paint at 1st, but it was something new and I love to try out new things. (Points to his face) As you can see, the paint has grown on me. After I changed clothes and stretched my limbs, it was show time for me and Dane.


Black: Did you and Dane ever talk before or after the match?


Jackson (Shakes his head) No, we didn't. I wished him luck as he was entering from the walkway, but I wouldn't count that as talking. You all know what happened at the match. I got beat and I had more ring rust than a retired fleet of submarines. Anyone who has faced me before knows that I have not much ego to speak of, but I am a very competitive person by nature. If I lose, let me be for about 15 minutes and I'll have calmed down to my normal self you see now. I offered to shake Dane's hand backstage to congratulate him on the quickest hire and fire in OCW history, but he just glared at me.


Black: You didn't receive a OCW contract, yet here you are today. How did this come about?


Jackson: Apparently, my newfound attitude and desire in the ring showed in my match. Jaysin Sensation gave me a call, said I wouldn't leave empty handed. I would not receive a contract, but I would be a free agent and maybe I'll earn a contract in the future. All I can do about that is keep on working hard and proving that belong back in OCW.


Black: Here's to hoping that you get that contract D-Jack. Last question, what are your current plans for getting noticed and put on more shows?


Jackson: I have one or two ideas in the works, but I don't want to mention them until I know if the people involved are for or against the idea. So, it will be revealed all in due time.


Black: That's all the time for today...(Turns towards the camera)...this is Jim Black with David Jackson signing off. Good night and we will see you soon.


*The camera fades out as Jim and David shakes hands and walk off camera.*

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Nice ,started slow but then came on .



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