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Smythe D. Wonder

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After the result of last weeks main event a lot of questions need to be answered for the actions of Mayhem and the effect it will have on the Doomsday Theory.


Was Mayhem dodging a possible confrontation with the North American champion? Was he trying to get a scouting report on Fausto? Is he leaving the faction and switching sides? Where does Leon stand in the whole ordeal? What about the unstable mind that is Parker Stevens? What is Smythe going to do about this?


The last time Smythe was rolled up and lost a match he viciously attacked KD Angelo for no reason at all. What will he do next week, he's sure to be in even a worse mood than when Aries rolled him up.


But perhaps the blame can be put on Smythe as he has proven many times over that he is perhaps the most unpredictable person in OCW. Or can the blame be placed soley on the arrogant World Champion who wants to do what he wants his way?


Next weeks Riot is going to be one for the ages, that's for sure. And with the divide and conquer scheme of Versus and Fausto a complete success, or so we think... Fireworks are sure to follow!!!

Signature 1 - The Alpha Heel

Signature 2 - Spear 5 (F) - Stargazer


Finisher 1 - Flapjack 2 (F) - The SDW

Finisher 2 - Reality check (G) - Dawonderful Dream


Finisher 3 (i'm cool enoigh to claim 3 moves) - The Darkside - THe Million Dollar Dream

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