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Jacob Trance

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Title: Washed Away

Mood: Bored

Music to Live By: Default - Live A Lie


It's kind of odd, one minute you're in the middle of a hot angle, then because you looked at someone the wrong way or some other crap. Regardless, wrestling is a fickle business, and these kind of things happening. The thing I hate about it, is that I'm still expected to travel up and down the bloody country with the rest of the active roster.


I don't get paid for two weeks, yeah? But I've got to travel, which we pay for, I've got to eat, and train. We pay for all of that junk, and our accomodation. This whole "it's all good life from here on out." stuff is a complete lie. Anyway, onto the point, I've been car pooling with a couple of people over the week.


One of these guys was Nathan Gaines, who has the strangest collection of music in his stupid little car than I care to mention, needless to say, when you travel with a guy, you train, eat and learn with them. This man has to be making the biggest sacrifice out of us all, I'm lucky/unlucky enough to have no ties to bind me, but Nathan's got a family to provide for. He's on the road 365 days a week to pay bills, he misses his family and I can get that.


You've got to admit, the perfect way to bond with someone who's been at the rough side of someone you don't particularly like is hitting the gym, travelling and room sharing. We had to hit the gym at like 6am today, before having to head out to do a house show, and promote the next upcoming riot, was a little slice of hell. Though after heading back to the swimming pool for some relaxation all is well.


Stay sexy OCW fans, see you next time.


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