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Smythe Dawonder in Toronto???

Stacy Clark

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Ocw.com has confirmed that Smythe Dawonder was in Toronto during the time Riot was taped and aired last night. He spent the night at St. Michaels hospital with his wife and OCW employee Sasha Desrine Wonder. She is said to be having "complications" with her first pregnancy.


Under OCW rules any champion who misses a scheduled title defence is to be stripped of their title effective immediately. Which was the case for Anthony Martin at the last PPV. However due to the circumstances and Smythe's ridculous "no-strip clause" which was written into his contract while his bff Leonheart breifly controlled the OCW head office, the outcome of this story has yet to be written. This is also the reason that Smythe refuses to acknowledge the "30 day" defence rule btw.


Will the administrators get their chance at OCW's most prestigious title? Will Smythe be in a decent mood when he returns next week? What does Mayhem think of all of this? And where is Parker stevens? We'll find it all out next week!!!

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