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Pure Hostility

Jacob Trance

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Warning: The following roleplay does not contain the morrison method. A key shall be provided for the easily confused.


Key: Epilogue Speech Description



Jacob Trance ascended to the Bloodline throne, having struck a deal with Wonderful Wesley, whoms whereabouts are presently unknown. They ran roughshot over the EX-Division, Brandon Hostile, Hazard and Jacob. However, Aries was able to stop Trance at Wrestlelution, creating cracks within the unit.


The first victim of self destruction would be Hazard, removed entirely from the company by the victorious Jacob Trance, then something happened. Jacob Trance began to groom Hostile towards his own sadistic thoughts, that everyone was against him, that everything belonged to him by god given right.


Jacob Trance had created a monster, a monster prepared to go to lengths Trance himself would not stoop to. Fast forward to Riot, Nathan Gaines is mown down, and Trance is almost blown up entering his car. Then, the culprit would strike again, revealing his true, hostile nature.





The scene opens, a camera looks out across the dusty landscape from a vantage point. It becomes apparent we are ontop of a multi-storey car park. The camera pans around, it's disused, and in a state of disrepair, providing a breeding ground for rats, pigeons and the homeless. A pigeon alights, flying across the view of the camera, a man begins to speak.


"It's odd, I suppose it's fitting. They say that when a bird leads the nest, it doesn't need its parents anymore, that it's ready for its own journey. I was also taught to never bite the hand that feeds."


The figure laughs, Jacob Trance walking into camera view.


"I guess that's what I should have taught Brandon. All the years we've travelled together, back when both of us first started out. It was always 'which one of them's going to break out?' Or 'what one's going to make it?' Well it was me Brandon, it was always me. You were always there in the background, keeping your head down."


"I stepped further ahead, I ran out in front and left you eating my dust. You didn't like that, all those smiles, all those hugs we've shared, was all a lie. I'm seeing that now. Nathan said 'Don't trust anyone' but you, you managed to make me think 'Dont trust Aries.' You turned me against my longest running true friend, you backstabbing piece of crap."


"The past is done, and I can't change it. I wasn't able to save Nathan, he comes back from an injury, and you put him through a table. That's cool, I'll put you through a fucking coffin."


The camera shakes a little, panning back out across the city scape.


"I will light you up, and burn you down... I'll show you why you should have stuck to fucking baseball, you bastard. I'll show you WHY I'm the one that got everything, I'll show you why I'm the one you have never, NEVER, beaten when it matters."


"I will stand in that ring, take everything you've got to throw at me, and I'll bring back more. Give me everything you've got, it will fuel me, continue to hurt people I respect, it'll be the wind beneath my wings as I crush your ribs, as I rip off your head... You like to preach about your straight edge lifestyle, about your endless hostility, but I know..."


Trance laughs off of camera, rubbing his beard.


"I know your one little vice..."


The camera fades out for now...


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