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Where are they now?

Stacy Clark

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OCWFED.NET has just recently been given breaking news regarding former OCW wrestler, Wonderful Wesley. People here at OCWFED.NET have been always wondering where does the wrestlers that leave OCW end up?


Fortunately we have learned the whereabouts for Wonderful Wesley who's a former OCW tag team, hardcore, and ex division champion. It's been known to many superstars backstage in OCW, and including Wesley's cousin Smythe Da. Wonder, that Wesley just simply walked away from OCW, went back to Canada, and retired. What nobody could have known, or would have predicted the one place he would end up is in a prison cell. With the current picture posted it's shown the prison cell to none other than Wonderful Wesley. All we have heard here at OCWFED.NET is what we're reporting now. We still are trying to learn the conditions of his imprisonment, and the crime that was committed.


It's unknown what he was imprisoned for, but rumors are circulating over the internet that it was due to a high profile drug bust near his home in Calgary, and that he's been imprisoned since after his last days here in OCW. His last days in OCW were controversial as it was known he wasn't resigned due to contract disputes. Currently we are unaware if Wesley was in possession of any drugs, or narcotics. All we do know at this time is his release date from prison is October 6th, 2010. It's unknown whether he will return to OCW at this time, and if he would return to his Canada home once released.


We'll continue to cover this story, and release any more breaking news regarding the release of Wonderful Wesley. Hopefully we here at OCWFED.NET can get an exclusive interview upon his release next week.

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I get the impression that he looks something like Lafeyette out of true Blood whilst he's in prison :p


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Cousin of Smythe lands in jail?? Im shocked. Black people never go there.

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October 6th... huh... why does that day sound familiar? I know...


In 1961, John F. Kennedy advises families to build bomb shelters to protect themselves.


In 1926, Babe Ruth sets a new world record in the World Series with 3 home-runs and a 10-5 win over the Cardinals.


In 1949 the Soviet Union creates the Republic of Germany. October 6th is also German-American Day.


In 1966, LSD was declared illegal in the United States.


Last but not least, in 2008, the world financial meltdown.


The more you know...

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