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Deleted Scene from Riot


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*KD and Jookie walking backstage*


Jookie:Why does Smythe have us back here?


K.Dangelo : Dude you know first hand what this monster can do.Smythe just wants us on his p's

and q's!


*K.Dangelo opens a door looks inside*


K.Dangelo: Nothing...


Jookie: Couldn't we have hired some guys to do this,Smythe has the money.


K.D :Yeah but he wants it done right,so he sent the soldiers to go after that big bastard!



*Jookie opens a door and a mop falls out onto the floor.*


*Jookie staring at the mop for a moment then shuts the door.*


Jookie: It just doesn't addup, I mean Smythe is smart enough to where he could have manipulated Mayhem longer so we wouldnt have to be in this right now, maybe even recruited him. We are The Darkside after all KD.


I guess Smythe got tired of waiting for his dues. After all Smythe is great.

Jookie: You hear what I saying KD?


*Jookie stops and looks to his right.*


Jookie:... KD?


*Jookie looking behind him see's KD's legs kicking being dragged around a corner.*


Jookie: KD!!!!


*Jookie Marley gives chase.*


Jookie: No, no ,no ,no no. I'm coming for you brother!!!



*Jookie Gets to the corner and leans against the corner of the wall.*


*Jookie quickly taking a look to make sure no one is waiting around the corner of the hallway.*


*Jookie seeing KD's feet drag around the next corner takes the corner and sprints to he end of the hall.*


*Jookie catching up turns the corner to see the Behemoth Mayhem, pulling a life less KD.*


Jookie: Ok Mayhem you don't have to do this.


*Mayhem's face covered with dirt, grime, a dark red absence of life, looking up with his eyes darker than the black sea.*


*Mayhem begins to smile at Jookie then begins to maniacally laugh at Jookie.*


*The halls start shaking as the lights at the end of the Hall way behind Mayhem start shutting off one by one by one by one. Each with shuttering sound of a train wreck.*


*Jookie taking a breath as the lights get closer one by one by one as they the lights shut off and pass over KD and Mayhem.*



*They stop, the only lights remaining are the ones above Jookie Marley and behind from the way he came.*



Jookie: KD?.....


*Jookie creeps towards the darkness.*


Jookie: You... You there?

*Out from the shadows*






*Jookie covers his face as he hears the sound of flesh being slammed against the cold concrete floor.*



*There is silence*


*Jookie peeks with one eye.*


*Jookie looking at his hands as they tremble noticing the blood splatter on his skin and looking on the floor as a puddle of blood emits, flowing toward his feet.*


*The lights snap back on cracking the hall ways like lightening.*


*KD layed face down pool in his own blood and on his back a upside down cross painted from the blood of KD.*


*Jookie rushing to aid KD, whipping the bloody cross off KD's back.*


Jookie: This is bad Omen, we are dead men. Were the hell is some help!!!!!!!!!!!!


I need some Help!!!!!!!!!!

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