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OCW's Questionable New Signing

Stacy Clark

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October 19th, 2010, 1:00pm: Reports are circulating around OCW headquarters that a new wrestler was signed to an OCW contract a few weeks ago. Michael O'Malley, a 19-year old gentleman from Providence, Rhode Island, signed a rookie's contract with the company a few weeks ago.


O'Malley's biggest claim to fame was gaining a tainted win over then OCW Champion Vincent Valmont on the September 17th edition of OCW Riot, when he was brought in as Guy Fausto's choice for a mystery opponent for Valmont during a pair of 'Pick Your Poison' matches. With Fausto's assistance, O'Malley gained the victory despite being utterly dominated throughout the match. Since then, O'Malley has based his entire young career around then win, and has gained a bad reputation around the independents for his large head about what's clearly an empty victory.


Although OCW has recently had a talent shortage, what makes O'Malley's signing baffling is that by all reports, he's not very good. A professional for a little over a year, O'Malley is by no means a prodigy, having a very poor win and loss record. It's been a common joke throughout the scene that he brags about that one win because it's his ONLY win. OCW has not been a company to sign individuals to be strictly enhancement talent, and rarely uses them on a per appearance basis, preferring that low ranking wrestlers battle it out then be fed easy victories.


Not only that, competitors with exceptionally bad quality usually find themselves receiving pinkslips shortly after their first matches. O'Malley is shaping up to be another one of these individuals.


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