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The Return of The King....


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A Camera is affixed at street level in a bustling metropolis. As the time lapsed footage goes from Dawn to the late evening.


The Camera pans upwards to reveal a massive skyscraper.

Etched just above the ground floor in Chrome and Glass read the Letters OCW.


Its late, the building is nearly empty, sans a few security guards. A matte blue Audi R8 pulls up into the valet area. A yawning Valet, opens the door of the car, and in an instant wakes up immediately.


A man, a bald man, a man with sunglasses in the god damn evening makes his way into the building. The security guards begin to look busy as the man walks through the glass door.


Guard: Goo...


The Man: Can it, I saw you dozing off, unlock the penthouse please.


Guard: Yes sir!, sorry about that.


The Man: It happens.

The Man enters the elevator and heads for the penthouse, a soothing ding rings through the elevator alerting the man that he has reached the penthouse.


The Elevator swings open as the camera pans around the penthouse. A dimly lit laptop can be seen. In addition a striking young woman is napping on the couch adjacent to the laptop, her black rimmed glasses are down to her nose and, while rather cute in her asleep state she is kind of snoring.


The Man: Ahem.


The Young Woman: ZzzzzzzZZzzzzzz


The Man Coughs


The Young Woman: ZzzzzzZzzzzzzz (Now sounds like choking a yak)

The Man Coughs again, this time more loudly.


The Young Woman: ZZzzzzzzzZzzzzz

At this point the man scans the room quickly notices an expensive looking vase, walks over to it, picks it up to assess its value, puts it back down on its mantle piece, backs up about 4 feet, then proceeds to kick the ever loving bejesus out of said expensive vase.

The vase fly's through the air and smashes behind the young woman, immediately awaking her from her slumber.


The Young Woman springs up!


The Young Woman: Latte. Whole Milk, hold the foam, Profits are up, TURTLE!!!!!!


The man looks at the young woman with a puzzled expression as he raises an eyebrow.


The Young Woman: Whats up boss!!!!!


The Camera reveals the man in question is none other than Mr. J. Sensation.


Mr.Sensation: Burning the midnight oil I see Birdie........


Birdie: Indeed!, I was just....


Mr.Sensation: Save the excuses, its almost 2AM why are you here?


Birdie: Well where else can I get my parking validated at 2AM!!, and well I've been hard at work.


Mr.Sensation: I see did you get my memo.


Birdie: Yep!!!


Mr.Sensation: Good, its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life for me, and im feeling good.


Birdie: Are you really going to go through with it?


Mr.Sensation: But of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't roll the dice, I may be filled with that white hot anger, but I know when to strike, and the time to strike is most certainly now.


Mr.Sensation: My children have grown fat, from living off the land, most have grown lazy and are content with sitting on there laurels. My children with the greatest achievements have left the nest and are on to other endeavors.


Mr.Sensation: As a father I have to break my foot off in the assess of my children and get them to become what they are meant to become, to achive the greatness they where destined to achieve. The time has come!


The camera pans to the Elevator as that familiar Ding echoes throughout the penthouse.


The Camera pans to Mr.Sensation who once again raises an eyebrow.


Mr.Sensation: What are you doing here?


The men exchange a silent but knowing glance that reveals all to the two men and even Birdie, who still looks half asleep.

Mr.Sensation: So that's how it is eh? My children have no idea whats coming.......


Mr.Sensation face turns into a sly grin.


Mr.Sensation: No idea.........


Camera Fades


In the distance

Mr.Sensation: Birdie get me a diet snapple.

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I just wanna catch the neck from Birdie.


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I love snapple.



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Jay, it must be fun to pretend to be rich....


On a side note, thats how you write a badass RP.

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