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A Message from Middleton


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The scene opens in a small pub in a Manchester suburb. The landlord heads over to the bell mounted on the wall, ringing it as she wails incoherently, signalling last orders. The camera pans along the bar, catching several desperate has-beens finishing their drinks. Perched on the end of the bar a familiar face catches the camera man’s eye. He moves closer.


Cameraman: Pugh? Where’ve you been mate? They told me you’d be in Hyde at Hatton’s Gym. Why are you back here?



The familiar figure continues staring into his empty scotch glass, taking no notice of the cameraman.

Cameraman: Dan. Dan! I know you can hear me. Get up, get in the car. We’re on a tight schedule here



Pugh continues looking down at the bar. His appearance has altered dramatically since he last wrestled in OCW. His hair is bleached, he is noticeably heavier, and he is sporting a full beard. The cameraman is beginning to lose his patience, and heads over to the bell on the wall. He rings it, again, failing to shake Pugh to action


Pugh: Where did it go wrong Tony? I mean, seriously?



Cameraman: What are you talking about? They’ve renewed your contract; you’re a wrestler again...



Pugh: I’m not a wrestler; I’m a joke... 4 years of this, and I’m still a joke... Why should I put myself through it again?



The Cameraman sighs, and puts his arm round Pugh


Cameraman: Dan, mate, you’re in the shape of your life. You’ve been working your arse off for this, and they’ve offered you the chance. Don’t blow it again because you haven’t got the bollocks to try.



Pugh: Listen lad... *Pugh gets off the stool and looks at Tony the cameraman* you think this reverse psychology shite is going to work on me? Look at me; I’m 230lbs of solid muscle, I could snap you in two without breaking a sweat... It’s not a crisis of confidence you Neanderthal, it’s a crisis of respect. You know, I spoke to the big guy...



Cameraman: Sensation?



Pugh: The very same... You know what he called me? Rookie... He called me a Rookie...



Pugh suddenly puts his “game face” on and begins to talk into the camera


Pugh: Now I’ve been called some things in my life... Fat, Gay, Racist, Flake, Snowball, Mutt, Ginger, so on annnnnd so forth, but one thing I’ve never been is rookie...



Pugh looks into the camera


Pugh: So Sensation.... I’m going to storm into New York City, I’m going to grab Ambition by the bollocks, and make you eat your words! The Classic is coming to Madison Square Garden baby, and he’s going to steal that show!



Pugh stares into the camera as a drunk Mancunian man walks into shot, chanting a merry song


Pugh: You’ll cut it before he walks in rig....



The camera cuts off mid sentence...


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