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The Weigh In-Part I

Royce Bentley

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*The hotel ballroom is set up with a scale featured at the right side of the stage and a podium and a few chairs at the left. The media chatter is almost deafening and the variation of news stations is astounding ranging from the local, political, sports and business news, to underground wrestling sites.

Royce Bentley takes a deep breath and gathers his thoughts before he walks from behind the curtains. He begins to step out when a production manager stops him for a phone call.*


PM: Hey Royce, It’s your father, Mr. Bentley.


Royce: Can it wait?


PM: He told me to get you on or he would have me fired.


Royce: We can’t have that now can we?


PM: I’d rather not.


*Royce takes the phone and takes another deep breath as he answers the call.*

Royce: Yes sir?


Mr. Bentley: Royce, Royce, you got to loosen up kid, I know I sent you there to do big things, but don’t tell me the pressure is getting to you already. Is it son?


Royce: No, of course not, I was just raised right.


Mr. Bentley: That’s right, and the fact is, I’m expecting you to teach these mutts the same ac’right I taught you.


Royce: I’m going to do more than that pops.


Mr. Bentley: You better, but listen here youngblood, the path to greatness won’t be laid out for you, you won’t find it on a red carpet, though I expect you to do this and do it big, you feel me? I have no doubt the fans will love you, but no one else will, the best you can do is gain their respect and that won’t be easy, there will be more hate here than there was at Harvard when they realized a 16 year old black kid was showing up in their good ole boy system, already better than most of the students there, and they couldn’t even claim it was affirmative action because I paid their little dues and donated some pocket change even though you earned a scholarship through academics and football. Basically what I’m saying is no matter what you do, there’s going to be someone to hate it.


Royce: Yeah Pops, I know, I get a lot of that.


Mr. Bentley: Good, well that’s all I had to say junior, I’ve got to get back to the office, but it’s not too late to throw your hat back in the draft you know? Or we can get you that internship back at corporate, there’s more ways than one to help you know?


Royce: I know, but what better way is there to sell the product, than becoming the product?


Mr. Bentley: That’s my boy. If you said differently I was going to disown you. Well Alright then kid. Get your hater rate up; you got big shoes to fill.


Royce: I don’t know pops; I like these gators I already have on.


Mr. Bentley: Shut up and put the PM back on.


Royce: Hold on is your TV on?


Mr. Bentley: I got the DVR set up back at home kid. I’ll catch it later.


Royce: Oh Alright.


Mr. Bentley: I’ll call you when I see it.


*Royce drops his hands to the side, and then hands the phone to the PM.*


PM: They’re ready for you Royce.


*Royce takes a deep breath and smiles back at the PM.*


Royce: No they aren’t.


*He steps out unto the stage into the bright lights. And the media chatter fall’s silent for a moment, the calm before the storm, as they soon after erupt with questions.*

*To be continued….*

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(OOC: Hey this is part I of 2 that i'll post before ambition, probably tomorrow, but I wanted to try something and since it's a press conference i was going to leave the forum open to add question they might like to see me answer, along with a few I already have to help explain my story and all. I'm sure you guys will have some funny ones, and if i can do something with them, I'll try to put them into the mix. Hope you enjoy, and sorry for the lack of spaces, as I had spaces when I was typing it up even on the board, and then i posted and the spaces disappeared and for some reason, I can't edit this post. If editing becomes available for me, I'll take care of it, but i hope it doesn't deter you from atleast reading it. Thanks in advance for any question ideas.)
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