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The Hunger Promo Pt.I


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As darkness of the concluding commercial gives way to the familiar glow of your returning program, the viewers are treated to an unfamiliar scene. The usual sights of lavish cars, million dollar mansions, clothes, money and your favorite OCW superstars surrounded with their choice of women...No this is something different.


{The camera panes the the landscape it appears we find our selves in one of what appears to be one of the most dilapidated Motel 6's you could ever find. Through the dimly lit room there is a bed all four legs broken and appears to have been subject to all manner of bodily fluids imaginable, the sheets strong across the ground, yellow from nights of sweaty tenants that had the unfortunate joy of calling this place home The l

What makes this scene all the more bizarre is the countless number of shattered chicken bones and fragments that seem to trail to the adjacent room. As the camera follows the trail a rhythmic crunching can be heard. The echo of what appears to be bones snapping finally reveals its source.


A massive silhouette almost engulfs the lens surrounded by skeletal remains of fried chicken and those yet to meet there fate. A giant man sits, back facing the camera. Long black braids secured with red and white beads hang gently over a massive canvas of a back littered with tribal tattoos. By the dark olive skin one could assume island decent. Chicken grease can be seen proudly adorn dripping down a belly that could store food for days. As the camera continues to rotate counter clock wise we are finally in front of a primeval sight. As the camera focuses in it is now more than obvious we sit in front of the behemoth Patolomai.}


{Patolomai finally looks up directly at the camera for the first time, and leans back clutching a whole chicken. As each second passes, Patolomai slowly leans back and purposely grins revealing a full set of gold teeth smeared with chicken fat and grissel.



Patolomai:I'm Very..Very...Hungry


{Scene fades slowly to black and the OCW Ambition logo appears crunching can be heard again and trails off with the end of segment}

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It's about time OCW had some new fresh faces that can become the next generation that keeps OCW alive.


Great RP, nice character development in the RP as well. I like when people care more for their character, and the storyline than about winning.


All the greats that are in the hall of fame are the ones that paved the way for guys like myself, and alot of others. Been here since late 2006, and I knew when I read rps from guys like Versus, Nate Ortiz, Ma'jin, Guy Fausto, Kage, Mayhem, The Steve, and others that I wanted to follow in their foot steps. I wanted to be that "IT" guy that took their place when they stepped down, and become OCW's future... I still am!


Now it's time for OCW to get it's long overdue on fresh faces. Let's hope this batch of new kids are the real deal.

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