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Who are You?

Ryan Young

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We come back from commercial break to a dimmed scene backstage near the gorilla position in the backstage area. Two clamp lights are positioned on risers flanking an OCW cameraman and his equipment, illuminating the bodies and faces of one of OCW's newer rookies Drew De Niro as well as official interviewer Stacy Clark. Clark wastes no time asking the big man some questions.


Stacy Clark: "Drew De Niro, you've asked for this interview time, oddly enough before going into tag team action right here on Ambition with your partner tonight Mike O'Malley. I gotta ask, what do you have to say?"


De Niro flashes a cheeky smile and a quick wave of the camera, showing a side of sarcastic humor of himself, which would be the first public glimmer of character that Drew has allowed to be shown. He giddily obliges Clark's curiosity.


Drew De Niro: "HI MOM AND DAD! Hope to make you proud!"


Stacy looks shocked that De Niro would have the brass balls to use such immaturity (especially for a man working on his 41st birthday) in an interview segment literally moments away from his third competition as a member of the OCW roster.


Stacy Clark: "Are you really taking the time to say hello to.."


De Niro quickly interrupts her, turning more serious as he speaks.


Drew De Niro: "Yes, but that's not the point of me requesting this time. The point is, I've been getting this buzz in my ear for the past week or two. It's this buzz going around backstage and in the locker room. People are always asking each other, 'Who's this De Niro guy? What's he about? Who is he?' I mean, for God's sake, I haven't even uttered a single word to anyone in this company since I've been signed. Yet everyone's running around, scrambling to figure me out, worrying about the unknowns. Well I'm not telling you ANYTHING...I'm big, I'm bad, and I'll kick your teeth in. What else do you need to know?"


Drew begins to walk away towards the entrance area, before quickly spinning back and continuing the interview.


Drew De Niro: "Oh and for all of you boys trying to keep up, just give it up already. You don't have the mental capability or the dexterity. Don't even try. Now, if you'll excuse me Ms. Clark, I've got something to prove tonight."


And with that the big man walks away as the beginning of his theme song begins to play over the PA in the arena. He receives a decent reaction as Stacy and the watching TV audience listens in.


Stacy Clark: "He knew my name?...Who are you Drew De Niro?..."


The camera switches back to the action as we prepare for the matchup.

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