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The Mysterious Lecarius Saviour Promo 2

Lecarius Saviour

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The thousands of fans in the Ambition Arena are enjoying a brief intermission, when suddenly the lights begin to flicker and then go out completely, shrouding them in near total darkness. A man over the P.A. system announces that there was a power surge and that a team was working to restore power. He then asks everyone to stay calm and remain seated to avoid possible injury. A few short minutes later, the lights were back on and the fans continued whatever it was they were doing.


The lights go out for a second time. The man comes over the P.A. again and begins to announce that there was another surge, but before he could finish he was cut off. Voices now echoed loudly throughout the arena, whispering in some other language. The fans now knew what was going on and began working their way back to their seats.


The whispers are replaced by what sounds like electricity crackling and then a single bolt of lightning strikes the stage, setting it ablaze. Those close to the blaze begin to move away from the growing heat. Others further away try to move closer. All are alive with chatter.


???: Permítanme paso..


The flames separate and a figure clad in druid like white robes walks through the gap which closes immediately after. The figure bows his head and brings his hands together as if in prayer. He then removes the hood revealing himself to be one Lecarius Saviour. Behind him and the flames, the titanron comes to life.


Saviour: 1) one who saves, preserves, or delivers from destruction or danger

2)he who brings salvation to men

3)one who saves from any form or degree of evil


Saviour pulls a mic from somewhere in his robes and brings it up.


Saviour: Eu non son ningún salvador...


Dropping the mic, he looks over his shoulder at a cameraman who had moved to get a better shot. He locks eyes with Saviour and backed away lowering his camera. Saviour then replaced his hood. As if by signal, the lights intensified for the second straight week blinding all in attendance. When they finally dimmed Lecarius Saviour was gone, but he left his mark. The stage had warped under the intense heat and in some places had begun to melt. He had also left his mark on a few of the fans. They were chanting his name.


In the confines of wherever he was, Saviour got down on his knees and prayed.


???: Looks like you've finally found your place irmán.


Saviour: Meu irmán... looks are decieving.

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I wish the game had a finisher where you place your palm on your opponents head and scream, "Be GONE evil Demon! Holli-Luya, you are saved! AMEN!" and the opponent just falls to the ground as a light from the ceiling shines down. lol... maybe you can use the Mandible Claw or something.


Thats a good idea MM, it could be a sig

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