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Super Zero% chance of success - Re: The Open Challenge

Robert Fearo

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The shot fades in, the time is 23:27PM, location? OCW HQ in New York City. Cars are beeping, people are talking, a man is flipping off a taxi driver for not picking him up. The beautiful scenes of New York, no doubt.


The camera pans upward, and we see a dark figure, standing on the rooftop of the building. It appears to be eating food of some sort. After finishing it off, he throws what's left off of the rooftop, the camera follows it down, as it lands smack dab in the middle of a trash can.


The camera shoots back up, but the figure has vanished. Before the camera can even look back down, a voice is heard.


Robert Fearo: "I'm over here, fair citizen!"


The camera pans to it's left to show non other than Robert Fearo, standing tall in his suit and cape, he spins around, and eyes the camera.


Robert Fearo: "Good evening my fearific do-gooders! It is I, the anti-professional, the Super Zero, Robert Fearo! I speak to you tonight from OCW HQ, because I have recieved word through my good friend, Thanatos The Monotonous, that an open challenge has been made to anybody on the OCW roster, for a shot at the OCW Championship! Well I, the Super Zero, would like to officially throw my cape into the ring!"


Fearo spins around holding his cape, as he makes "WOOSH" noises.


Robert Fearo: "With the power of truth, justice, and basic Fearonomics, I, Robert Fearo, shall stand against the evil and apparently beaten down Aries, use the fists of honesty and integrity, and punch the darkness out of his soul!"


"And thus, I, Super Zero, Robert Fearo, will become the OCW Champion! And I'm going to do it, wearing the best costume in OCW history!"


"So Aries, if you have any guts ... Well, left inside you, after what happened to you, then you will accept my challenge! And face the Unthinkable Crime Fighter!"


Fearo spins around one more time, and points off-screen.


Robert Fearo: "To the McDonalds drive-thru!"


Fearo puts his arms in front of him, clenches his fists and runs off-screen. The shot fades to black and a picture fades in ...



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OCW Debut - 31/3/06:

Robert Fearo Vs. CJ Hoppus


"I spanked Jaysin in front of millions" - Robert Fearo 1/26/08


Carlos: What would you people do without me :-D

Fearo: Have a lot more money and wallets.

Carlos: :-(

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