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  1. Honestly, I don't know how to reference things because I'm used to discord not the forum but my whole thoughts for the Aisu promo was going in I had the idea of okay this is going to play up as a retirement but in reality, Aisu is leaving TWC before anyone has a chance to drag him down any more (no offense John, you kill teams)
  2. After Riot 595 went off the air, a sad but determined Believer In Chief, Joe Deaver knocks on the door of the CCW Champion, the leader of Team OCW, Inness Quartz. Deaver: Hey, champ can I come in? I've got something to talk about with you. Quartz, an ice pack hugging the back of his neck, turns slowly, adjusting his medical tape to see who is entering his locker room. Joe Deaver enters, careful to avoid too much haste, concerned that the champion may not be in the greatest mood following his loss to Wrex in the main event. Deaver: So… Deaver: I was thinking… About what you told me a few weeks ago, about OCW and what we stand for… and that you would consider me an ally on team OCW. Quartz: And? Deaver smirks a bit, turning back towards the door and pausing for a moment before continuing. Deaver: I’m sure you’ve heard this before… Maybe you’d agree, but I've always been told actions are louder than words, so you'll see at Ambition. The CCW Champion stands from his chair and turns his medical tape to ensure the ice pack remains fastened over his upper back and neck. Quartz: Deaver… You came here now, at this time, after the show… Just so you could tell me to watch Ambition? Deaver: No, that's not all I came to do. I came to say you put on a hell of a match out there Deaver toils in thought for a moment, staring at the ground near his feet. Deaver: …but Kass is right. Deaver: You are fighting for a cause and you have a title. Just be careful and watch your back, man. The person that can betray you can always be the person you believe in most. Deaver peers up to Quartz, whose scowl has deepened further with Deaver’s words, the same words that echoed those of Kassidy Hayes after the main event. Deaver: Also… I have to thank you for being one of the only people to believe in me, even when I don't always do so. I need to find my way, that's for sure… Deaver: But I know I'm going to need some guidance along the way. Quartz releases his grip on the medical fastening on his chest and steps forward slowly. He stops just in front of Joe Deaver. Quartz: We all need a little guidance. Deaver takes a moment to understand, perhaps expecting a different response. Quartz: And as long as you understand that those three letters… O-C-W… As long as you understand that they mean more to this industry than any one man, any one faction, any group on this earth… Quartz: As long as you understand what professional wrestling means to me and every single person that pays to see us every night… Quartz: Then you’re always welcome in this locker room. There is no length I would not go to in order to protect this place and what it represents. Quartz: I know things aren’t always easy. They never will be. Quartz: I can feel an immense pride in you as well. Whether you know it or not, I was there at our match at the S-Cup last year. I remember it fondly. You’re a tough bastard. Quartz: But your legacy will be defined with how you handle times like this. For me, I refuse to let Kassidy Hayes decide how I will be remembered. Quartz: Don’t forget that. The world champion extends his hand to Joe Deaver, who happily smiles and returns the gesture. The two men share a nod as they shake hands and Deaver exits the locker room. Quartz heads back to his seat and peers over to his CCW Championship, staring directly at it for a few moments before we fade to black…
  3. Idk the whole TWC gets buried because they barely have any wins thing was pointless. The Believers had no momentum nor wins and got the title match. All it took was me being a complete child in kayfabe to piss them off. Now it looks like Sanctum are the children. Did I like the video ooc sure, I thought it was funny because we are supposed to hate TWC and they shouldn't get a title match because f em. It just kinda felt pointless. Yall can spin this if you wanna be complete dicks in character and go the way of being the cocky assholes, but rn it looks petty.
  4. I probably would've been fined too but, y'know TSA and travel bans and such.
  5. OCWFED.COM Exclusive Sunday, June 26, 2022 We join our protagonist Joe Deaver as he is waiting to board his flight at JFK International Airport to head to England for OCW Wrestlelution XVI. The only issue is Joe Deaver doesn't have a ticket to England, or anywhere for that matter. As he thought that since he was a talent in OCW, they would cover his travel costs. He was highly mistaken. Fast forward to Friday, July 8, 2022 Joe Deaver is sitting at OCW headquarters trying to figure out what he is going to do. Joe: Damn, I really muffed this one up. I'm missing Axxess and no one has even called to look for me… I seriously don't know what to do. A few hours later Deaver receives a call from Verde. Verde: JOE WHERE ARE YOU!? Management has been looking everywhere for you!? You said you were at the airport over a WEEK ago! This is bad, this is really bad! Joe: Chr-um Verde, calm down I'm at Axxess. I'm fulfilling my duties as well as perfecting my signature. Verde: Jesus Christ, why didn't you tell anyone where you were? Joe: Well, no one asked, so I assumed no one cared. Verde: Ok, well, have fun! Joe: I am don't worry, and remember. Don't bring shame and embarrassment upon your family name! Verde then hangs up the phone already done with Deaver for the day. Now Joe Deaver said he was at Axxess and he was right... well partially. Joe was still in New York sitting outside the Barclay's Center hosting his own Meet and Greet. There's just a glaring problem… Deaver made all the signs and promotional flyers himself, and he didn't bother to tell anyone that he was there. He just posted the signs like there was a yard sale happening. Never, ever, leave it to Deaver.
  6. Deaver is seen tending to his own wounds after his hellacious match between Alaister Ross and himself. Jim Black:Ladies and Gentlemen I am here in the locker room to talk to Joe Deaver who has asked to see me. So what's up Joe? Deaver: You know Jim, everyone has doubted me since day one, even before OCW, in the backyards, in school and, in life. I've been doubted day in and day out, wherever I go and, in whatever I do. So far, I've proved them all wrong, all of them, until now. Yeah, I walked into OCW and, in my first match, won with a lucky roll up, but what happened after? Loss, after loss, after loss. Sure I beat Parker and Derek, but jeez pretty much everyone I know can do that. I've put myself out there and had some good bouts but yet, here you all are, all you so-called wrestling fans out there, you boo me. I get that you don't believe in me but, I don't get why. Why? Is it something I said? Was it something I did? Hell, was it something I didn't do? Regardless though, I've given all I've had to this business, time, effort, money, blood, sweat, and tears. I just put my life on the line against a goddamn Coke addict, Hell I even just lost a clump of my beard, yet here you are, you still boo me. You'll see, you'll all see, you've doubted the wrong man, and you've doubted me for far too long. Everyone, will Believe. In. Deaver.
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