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Written in the Stars

Ashley Barker

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The scene opens as a black Hyundai Coupé pulls up at the OCW Power Plant facility, ran by OCW, for OCW. From out of the car steps Stacy Clark, her long legs framed quickly by the camera man as he pans up towards her face.


Stacy Clark: "Afternoon OCW fan's, Stacy Clark here, reporting live from the OCW developmental facility."


She begins walking towards the door.


Stacy Clark: "Now, you may be wondering why I am here, the simple answer is to scout on upcoming talent. The more accurate answer, is to check up on the latest OCW prospect, Ashley Barker."


Stacy nears the door, putting her hand on the handle, pausing.


Stacy Clark: "Let's see how things are going, shall we?"


Stacy enters, pushing the door open. Almost immediately the assault of noise crashes over the video, two men doing knee-up's in the ring before OCW Alumni shouts out bump, not looking up from a porn magazine. On key, the two men kick their legs out, landing flat on their back.


One of them rolls out, obviously had enough, but the other, Ashley Barker keeps going, sweat pouring off his body.


Chris Mania: "Bump."


Ashley flips over, performing the break fall before rising again, jogging on the spot.


Chris Mania: "Give me forty!"


On command, Ashley drops to the canvas, performing the desired number of push ups before standing.


Chris Mania: "Okay, hit the ropes until I tell you to eliminate yourself!"


Ashley turns and runs towards the ring, clearing it in roughly four steps, seeming slightly uncomfortable, obviously used to the smaller, British rings. However, he seems to get the hang of it.


Chris Mania: "Out you get Barker! Towel yourself off."


Barker 'eliminates' himself from the match, going over the top rope and taking a tumble. He stands, breathing heavily before heading towards a shelf holding towels. He takes one, rubbing his brow free of sweat.


Stacy Clark: "Ashley, may we have a word?"


Barker smiles, looking up despite the obvious exhaustion and nods, looping the towel around his neck.


Ashley Barker: "Sure."


Stacy smiles in return, leading Ashley towards the changing room, opting for a quieter area.


Stacy Clark: "I suppose the first question would be, how are you finding OCW training?"


Ashley Barker: "It's tough, not the most difficult of punishments I've had to endure, but yeah. It's obvious why OCW is the elite."


Stacy Clark: "Having come from across the pond, do you think there's greater difficulty for yourself in adapting?"


Ashley Barker: "Definitely, the culture itself is different. Everything is bigger, even the rings. It's tough like I said, but I'll get through it."


Stacy Clark: "Self belief?"


Ashley Barker: "Exactly, the haters back home couldn't get this far with a full tank of petrol."


Stacy Clark stares at him, obviously confused.


Ashley Barker: "Full tank of gas. It's amazing, when you're down to your last tenner, and how it can turn into ten grand."


Stacy Clark: "With the next edition of Ambition one week away, how do you see yourself slotting in?"


Ashley shrugs.


Ashley Barker: "That's a brilliant question, in whatever way the company want me to... It's up to the head office after all."


Chris Mania: "Barker, get your ass back in here."


Barker smiles.


Ashley Barker: "That's my cue to go, thanks for the interview."


Stacy grins.


Stacy Clark: "No thank you..."


Stacy watches Ashley Barker as he heads back through to the training room.


Stacy Clark: "This was Stacy Clark, and you've been watching Online Championship Wrestling."


The scene fades out.

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Meh nevermind, whens the last time my name got a mention. Edited by Chris Mania
Cause I can't be arsed to write my own shit, so if someone mentions my name in an RP I should probably just smile.

EST. 2006




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