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Dead Ahead


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Threw the events of Road 2 Glory after Dane Xavier skined the tattoo of the name "NATE" / Nate Ortiz, a vow to destruction of the Franchize off the chest of The Monster Mayhem.


Our OCW World Champion has been on a silent path ov Chaos or as he would say chaosophy. To insure that his presence is well known to Parker Stevens, Trevor McManus, & ov course the money grubbing and insolent swine Dane Xavier, yet at the cost of physical pain.


A monumental ov a specimen is he, our Monster, our champion. He ignores pain for us, he returned from absence to seek the truth for OCW, asking the president Jaysin Sensation for honesty.


Something that even Sensation himself is not used to such a request from OCW's bastard child.


Negligence is what he was received, Mayhem turned to his peers such as the maniacal & brilliant Guy Fausto and still was put into a dark path.


Conceived thoughts began.


Enter Leonheart master manipulator, failed manipulator. Our shadowed champion carried a heavy burden as protector to a coward who rather have strength & power on his side rather than face it.


Over a year reigning the throne ov OCW. Vincent Valmont, Trevor McManus, Guy Fausto, Smythe Dawonder.


All who fell before the beast. Yet where is his master, his lord Lucifer?


The glory and triumphant praise has left abandonment ov his power from the darkness. A Empire has he built, a kingdom of corpses, a graveyard for the defilers.


A bastard again? He heard no answers...


Entered did Aries, to slay the beast, but in turn awakening a TITAN!!!


Mayhem did not retreat, did not flee, did not turn to face the weaker, but wanted vengeance, wanted answers, and the reclaiming of his crown.


Renouncing SATAN, sought out the path from which Lucifer gains power from. THE ELEVEN AEONS.....The angles of doom......


Enter Mayhem forged from the bile of the devil himself, a new, A Titan, your Monster, went and reached into Aries soul and pulled out hope, breached the realm of physical boundries, and claimed his eternal prize, the will to be and the grace of God.


Short lived as we know the ways of the present.


Wrestlution ahead, be aware the Gods are watching, even the one below.


Will Angles of doom weep, will tears caress the cheek of GOD at the vile creation supreme?


The things yet to be, and the violence which can only be expeced when those four men enter that ring.


Wreslution ahead......Dead ahead.....

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The Plot thickens! I hope three peoples goal in that match is to make sure Dane Xavier doesn't Leave Lution VI champion... don't get selfish you guys. Don't get all sad about it though dane, thats just my way of giving you heel heat.





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