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Read After End Games!!!

Brandon Hostile

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I wrote an RP for End Games that was to be used as a means of setting up a 4 way match for the OCW Ex Division Championship. Due to time complications and stuff the match wasnt done, but I just wanted to post the rp that was gonna be used because I felt it was good and its an interesting read. So, after you watch end games, rewind and go back to the end of Brandon Hostile vs Justin Rockstar.



























Brandon Hostile stands up on the top rope as his music plays through out the arena. He drops down and runs to the other corner and climbs up the turnbuckle and stands on top again. As Justin Rockstar begins movement in the ring behind him, Hostile drops down and turns to the Rockstar. He approaches the now bleeding from the mouth Justin Rockstar and extends his hand to help him up. Justin looks up in anger, and rage. He starts to get up on his own leaving Hostile with his arm extended. After Hostiles music stops you can hear him talking to the standing Rockstar.


Hostile: Hey man, you've earned my respect. Let me help you up?


But Justin continues to ignore and comes to his feet. Hostile leaves his arm extended to shake hands with Justin.

Poling: Ladies and gentlemen I just got some very important news from the back.


Scaggs: Yes we do and its from the boss.


Scaggs stands up and grabs a microphone off the top of the announcers table. He moves the headset microphone and begins to speak int the portable.


Scaggs: Brandon Hostile and Justin Rockstar!


The two stop and look over at Scaggs confused.


Scaggs: You two are to report immediately to Mr. Sensations office, right now!


The two continue to look confused. Justin with the more obvious frustrated face. Brandon Hostile is the first to exit the ring with Justin Rockstar follow about 10 feet behind. The camera's follow the two up the ramp and into the back switching camera feeds. The two silently walk through a few doorways into a smaller hallway and approach a door with a gold plated name tag: "Mr. Sensation". Hostile opens it and walks in alongside Rockstar. As the camera enters the room behind them Mr. Sensation is revealed at his desk.


Mr. Sensation: Gentlemen, fine match tonight! Brandon Hostile, congratulations on the number one contender ship. However, I have some rather upsetting knows for you.


Mr. Sensations complete disregard of Rockstar is shown as unsettling on Rockstars face as he puts his hands on his hips.


Mr. Sensation: Brandon, would you kindly pick up this OCW End Games Program magazine off my desk and open it to the table of contents. Do me a favour and read what is asterisked at the bottom right corner of the page?


Brandon Hostile awkwardly picks up the magazine and hesitates to open it to the first page. He lets out a sigh of confusion and opens it.


Hostile:(Reading Aloud) Event card subject to change.


Mr. Sensation: (Immediately) Thats right! OCW holds the rights to change any Event card as it pleases.


Hostile: What?


Mr. Sensation: (Holding up his hand) Now hold on! Brandon Hostile vs Justin Rockstar for OCW Ex Division number one contender still stands. Hostile you are three and oh. However, I had received news during your match that Judas Hallows will not be here tonight. I have stripped Judas Hallows of the Ex Division Championship. As the owner of this business for 6 years, I have learned to adapt to circumstances that are thrown at me.


Rockstar: Why am I here if this is just about him?


Rockstar whips the blood off of his mouth.


Mr. Sensation: I'll get to you in a minute, Rockstar. (turns back to Hostile) Now, Hostile, you are aware that Judas Hallows was set to defend his Ex Division title against Matsuda tonight. This match is a premiere match on this card and will happen one way or the other. So tonight, you are cashing in your number one contendership and you will fight for the OCW Ex Division Championship TONIGHT!


Mr. Sensation pulls up the OCW Ex Division Title out from under his desk and sets it sitting face plate up at Hostile. Fans start screaming throughout the arena. Brandon Hostile starts smiling a tad sadistically. Rockstar looks even more sad and upset on the side like his dream is right in front of him.

Mr. Sensation: So tonight, Hostile, it will be Brandon Hostile versus Lotus' "Devil" Matsuda!


Hostile brushes his hair of to the side of his face with his taped hand. He takes a deep breath and turns his facial expression serious. He starts to bounce up and down to build up some adrenaline.


Mr. Sensation: (After a pause) But Hostile, that is not your only opponent. (Pauses again as Hostile stops bouncing) You will also duke it out against none other than, Jookie Marley!


Fans start to cheer again as Rockstar becomes more anxious.


Mr. Sensation: Annnnnnd last but not least: Justin Rockstar!!!(Fans begin to cheer with some decent pop) In a Battle Royal with No Disqualifications! (More fans start to cheer) That is all gentlemen. You have some time to prepare so I advise you get to it. Good luck.


Rockstars expressions become more relieved as Hostile's expressions turn to dead serious.


Rockstar: Thanks boss! Thank you so much for the second chance! I know I can do it!


Mr. Sensation nods at Rockstar as Justin turns and walks out the door with a little swagger in his step.


Hostile: I am three and oh since my return and my promise to bring back the Ex Division. Now, I am the number one contender for the Ex Division title. For weeks I've been talking about how the Ex Division will be a force to be reckoned with. That the Ex Division will soon rise up. The games are over, tonight, is not End Games, however. Tonight, is OCW Rise Of The Ex!


Hostile slowly turns and begins to walk out after Rockstar.


Poling: HOLY S***!!


Scaggs: God damnit Poling you're not allowed to swear! Ladies and Gentlemen you heard it right! We cant believe it! The number one contender Brandon Hostile vs Justin Rockstar vs Jookie Marley vs Matsuda! Tonight in a Fatal Four Way Battle Royal with no disqualifications for the OCW Ex Division Championship!!


Poling: Matsuda will win you just watch!!!


Scaggs: Either way this is gonna be a night to remember for generations of Ex Division competitors to come and the WHOLE world!!!

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I have already :P I know whats going on with the title as well. I felt like posting this and as I said "rp that was gonna be used because I felt it was good and its an interesting read." Soooo why dont you read? :)
You don't mean anything. You're insignificant and you will never know what hate is.
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Because it's irrelevant.


No its not, its content. Its for people to read and enjoy. Dont want to read it? Dont read it. I dont give a fuck. But for the people interested in reading a roleplay they can.


Cody: Yeah I know 1 on 1 would be better but all in all I was happy to do a four way for the title as well. Its about the division haha

You don't mean anything. You're insignificant and you will never know what hate is.
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