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It's time to speak...

Vincent Valmont

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OCWFED.COM has learned just hours after Riot went off air that a video message was sent over to OCW's official website. After his brief return stint following a match involved Trevor McManus & Brandon Hostile as Riot's main event match couple weeks back, Vincent Valmont is the creator behind the video that rumors have circulated has caused quite a dilemma for OCW's marketing team.


A comment was released from OCW's head management over OCW's marketing team has a comment regarding the video. "I would just like to first say that we here at OCW don't condone Vincent Valmont's actions, nor agree with his words said in the video. After four days later of much debate we're going to finally release the video sent in by Mr. Valmont, but we do encourage that Vincent Valmont is NOT an OCW employee at present time."





The video statics begins as the video starts playing. The date on the top left of the video shows 7/14/11. A point of view is shown as a camera follows around a beautiful, quiet, and clean living room. The walls surrounding the background of the living room are glass walls, and on one side of the living room is a fireplace near a 51" inch flatscreen t.v in which is paused on the end credits of Riot like it was being recorded, and a table centered in the living room in front of the leather couch. Sway carpet is seen all around on the floor covering the room. A cough can be heard from the background outside of frame from the person holding the camera.


As you're watching you can assume it's someone holding a camera in their hands as they continue to move around, but eventually stopping. The camera slowly starts to only rotating left to right as it keeps shooting the frame of the beautiful living room. A hallway can be seen in the background, along front side the wall of the hallway is a glass showcase which inside is two OCW hardcore, and OCW Heavyweight titles with a date printed on the showcase showing in which the dates of the titles were won.


The kitchen area is also shown in the rotating camera view while a figure of a man is briefly shown walking out of camera frame from the kitchen. After brief minutes of no person in sight, Vincent Valmont finally walks into the living room. He sits down comfortably with a drink in one hand, and a grilled prime ribeye on a plate in his other. He places the glass cup down onto the table, and starts cutting the steak. He slowly takes a bite of the steak off the fork, and takes another bite. He smirks for a moment as he continues eating the steak as the camera continues rotating. Vincent seems to ignore the camera at first as he grabs his remote. He unpauses his t.v, and watches as Riot goes off air. He claps his hands as that ol' vintage smirk of Valmont still stuck across his face.


He places the empty plate on the table, grabs the class cup, and takes a drink. He finally gives the camera his attention as he walks over, and stops the camera rotating so it's only showing Vincent sitting on his leather couch.


Valmont: "It's been a while since I did one of these things. I almost forgot just how to send videos, but here's hoping this video is getting sent to all of you at OCW. I'll be surprised if anyone actually gets to watch this, and if OCW themselves don't take all summer to figure if they want this aired on their website or not. Quite frankly I'm sitting here now, talking to all of you, and assuming this won't get aired due to my troubled past. Also if you're watching this then yes, I will not be showing up to Riot. Out of respect of someone's request. Instead I think I'll sit here, and talk to all of you.

"Some say I'm too controversy for a return to this business... some say OCW will never allow me to return.... some even said that I'll never see a OCW ring again. {starts laughing} Pardon my sense of humor, but as much as that hurts my feelings it's more or less true. I'll be lucky if I'm wrong, but in this case I just don't see myself ever being an employee of the OCW ever again. It's nobodies fault, but my own.


Vincent starts pacing the living room. He walks over toward his glass showcase with his titles inside.


"I remember when I won these titles... I remember when I finally broke out of the bottom barrel, and I made everyone know my name. I made myself famous, and I made myself a future hall of famer. I didn't care about the fame, I didn't care about the money, the hate I received, or the people I hurt... all I cared about is being the best there ever was in OCW. I got so sickening that I even made my own family not claim me. They stopped coming to my house, or ppvs, or Riots. They stopped coming to visit me at the hotels while on tour, or a simple phone call. From PPVs to even my own son's birthdate in which he was born into this world back on March 15th of this year.


"I may have caused my own downward spiral out of OCW, and in my life at that time of my last go around in OCW, but I'll be damned if I will fail at being a father now. Everyone has said when you become a father for first time it's a life changing experience, and I didn't think it would at first, but more I spend with my new family the more I learned who I was is not the person I am sitting here, talking to all of you at OCW.


"My family may never accept me again after everything I have done in my past, and I have accepted that, I even have accepted the fact that OCW will never accept me truly again. I am not a franchise poster boy, a monster, a stoner v.i.p, 'self proclaimed' greatness, or even someone that keeps talking about being a millionaire. I'm simply Vincent Valmont... i'm the same guy that came from nothing, dropped out of college, and pursured my dream of being best there is inside a ring, on a mic, and I did by defeating the odds layed before me.


"So I walked away from this company... I did it because I wasn't gonna be your 'hero'. I wasn't gonna become the guy that this company wanted me to be. I become what this company needed... what this company hasn't had since the golden days of OCW. Where half the roster was hall of famers to be, where there was an actual chain of command in the ranks, and where titles meant something. At a time in OCW where someone wasn't scared of what they did, or said. A time, and place where only the strong survived, and the weak stayed hungry. That lifestyle is dead, and gone with OCW. Because it's new generation is leading OCW to a new future.... a future.... where I... will return to my kingdom."


Vincent sits back down after pacing his living room, and looking out toward the view from his glass walls. He turns off the t.v, and looks back at the camera directly.


"Before I go, I'm positive there's questions needing to be asked, and answered. Why, and exactly how am I returning? Why did I help Trevor on Riot? Is me, and him secret partners? Am I the one that been training Trevor this whole time? All in good time, and I promise in good time will those questions be answered. Lastly I want to address Trevor himself... I saw your video you sent to OCW this past week about not wanting my help, and nor having any recognition of it. I just want to say to get the record straight, I wasn't there to screw anyone out of any match. Hostile just got caught slipping, and paid the price.


"I never intended to screw Hostile, nor make Trevor's match look bad. I was supposed to return prior that night, but security was tight, so I had to improvise. With improvising came me showing up at end of Trevor's match. NOT to create havoc, but just to prove a point. I am controversial to the very bone, and I will have your attention on everything I do from now on. So, Trevor... if you're watching I just want you, Hostile, and OCW to know how truly apologetic I am. I hope in due time I can prove that a bad guy, just like you once was Trevor.... can change. One way or another I will be apart of OCW again!"



The camera fades on Vincent's smirk as he walks away, and video static plays again.

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Must be the weed but I found my cursor wandering over the Video/Play Now part... Good stuff Vincent
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