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Dr. Lassiter video journal 8/2/11

Justin Rockstar

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The following video was mailed to OCW HQ with a note attached labeled "not for the faint of heart."


A webcam flickers on and shows Dr. James Lassiter, an old white-haired man in glasses and a shirt-tie-lab coat combo. He adjusts the webcam and clears his throat.


Dr. Lassiter: Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011. We have performed many reflex tests on the comatose patient, Mr. Justin Ethridge, also known as Justin Rockstar...

Dr. Lassiter adjusts the camera to show The Rockstar sitting and being tested on by Dr. Lassiter's assistants. His hair is a mess and dirty as he hasn't been bathed in weeks. He is dressed in only a pair of boxers as one of the assistants begins to take a blow torch to his leg. The other assistant looks at the wild brain reflex patterns on a computer monitor and takes notes.

Dr. Lassiter: We have even begun to take extreme measures as you can clearly see, and his body shows no reflex or reaction whatsoever. As time has progressed, his brain reflex patterns have grown more rapidly and it's the scariest thing I've ever seen. I--


Suddenly, Justin lets out a blood curdling scream. Dr. Lassiter spins around to observe the scene. Rockstar backhands the assistant that is using a blow torch on him. The assistant hits the floor, knocked out cold as the blow torch lands near The Rockstar. He frantically picks up the blow torch as the other assistant begins to near him but he's held back by Rockstar, holding the blow torch to him as if it were a gun.


Justin Rockstar: Get back! I'm not afraid to hurt you back!


The assistant raises his hands in the air in surrender.


Dr. Lassiter: Mr. Ethridge... please calm down, you're in shock!


The Rockstar quickly turns to look at Dr. Lassiter. He drops the blow torch and lunges at the doctor. He takes him down and begins to choke him.


Justin Rockstar: You want to cause me pain, do ya? The pain I'll cause you will make you wish you were dead!

Just then, two security guards come in the room and apprehend Justin. He struggles to get loose but fails. Dr. Lassiter staggers to his feet and adjusts his glasses.


Dr. Lassiter: Put a straightjacket and a restraint mask on him and throw him in the padded cell! We're not nearly done with him!


As the security guards take Rockstar away, Dr. Lassiter takes a seat back in front of his webcam, obviously shaken.


Dr. Lassiter: Phase one of our tests are a success. Now on to phase two.


The webcam cuts off on the smirking face of Dr. Lassiter.

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