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I Need To Relax

Justin Rockstar

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The camera fades in on Dr. Lassiter, sitting at his desk in his office and palming his face. His two assistants sit in chairs on the opposite side of the desk.


Dr. Lassiter: I just don't know what to do! There's no way Dane is going to be able to find someone to be able to snap my patient out of his vegetative state! I'm doomed, doomed I tell you!


Assistant #1: We'll figure something out, don't worry James.


Assistant #2: Yeah, everything's going to be just fine.


Dr. Lassiter shakes his head.


Dr. Lassiter: I need to relax...


The doctor reaches underneath his desk and pulls out a bottle of gin and a shot glass. He opens the bottle and begins to pour but nothing comes out. He looks into the bottle before throwing it across the room. The bottle smashes against the wall and pieces scatter across the floor.


Assistant #1: Calm down James, remember your blood pressure.


The second assistant stands up and walks over to a shelf, pulls down a box labeled "Ethridge" rifles through it and pulls out a ziplock bag of green stuff. ;) He then walks over to Dr. Lassiter's desk and puts the bag on the desk.


Assistant #2: Here, we confiscated this from your patient the day you brought him in.


A very small smile comes over Lassiter's face as he reaches for the bag and brings it closer. He opens his desk drawer and pulls out a tobacco pipe and loads it with some of the green stuff. He then sparks it up and takes a good puff of smoke and exhales with a coughing fit.


The smoke dances all over the room. The camera begins following a flurry of smoke that goes out the door and dances down the hall past one door, then another, and another, and another, until the flurry of smoke finally enters underneath a door labeled 429 and the camera continues to follow it (it's a really small camera that's controlled remotely, duh).


We are now inside a small padded room where Justin Ethridge sits in isolation with his straightjacket and restraint mask firmly secured. The string of smoke floats its way toward Justin before disappearing up his nose and the camera zooms in on him. Justin's left eye begins to twitch uncontrollably for a minute, but soon stops. The camera fades.

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