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House Show K.D vs D-Jack

Sean McGee

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The camera fades in.

Sean McGee enters the backstage area and makes his way to the interveiw area.Snaching the mic from the house show reporter he begins to speak.


McGee-K.D.,I hope you dont take that little chair thing personal...As much as i hate most of these fans i couldnt take it anymore!!!


McGee-I mean K.D. vs D-jack...I did everyone a favor by ending that so called match,Im just sorry I didnt bash both of your brains in for wasting everyones time!!


McGee-Now if you two lames will excuse me I gotta go get my tattoo finished and get back to the city so I can get ready for my match on RIOT next week...you guys do remember RIOT dont you...you know the show you guys cant get booked on!!!!


The camera fades to black....

Back in the dressing while McGee was doing his interveiw...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDlhTiMpkZI

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My bad about the sound , still in my infant stages in editing but I'll get better .



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I dont think this has something to do witht the editing,maybe you got one of the wires not input correctly. Cause i was only hearing sound from the rightside of my headset and not left. And Sean if you wanna display the youtube vidf withouth URL click on the i con 3rd from the right (when making a message) and it will prompt a little window where you can insert the url in.
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Fixed so link displays video.


and @ Dane, Haven't spoke to Reese but I'm guessing this wasn't on Riot due to KD being banned from Riot.

Well I knew that when it WASN'T on Riot... but I just figured he was getting his chance in the booking.


What came out of this wasn't at all terrible, give KD ONE MORE RIOT!


Just a thought, just a thought...




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