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Wrestlution Rumor: Ex-Factor


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OCWFED.com has learned this morning that there will be a host of Kerplowski and Pepperton's at OCW Wrestlution this Sunday as well as another Dimsmore.


According to sources, OCWFED's press office mailed tickets to the respective ex-wives of Skip Kerplowski, Will Pepperton and Luke Dimsmore, suggesting that all three of them will be in attendance at the Pay Per View event of the year. It's understood that Dimsmore's ex-wife Charlotte Carter will be there to support Tiberius Dupree in the Champion vs Champion match between the two men.


It's interesting to note that usually OCW's press office only issues free tickets to competitors' families, - which could point to Skip and Will being the "Mystery Twist" in the future investment match.


Stay locked to OCWFED.com - we'll update as we get more.


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One fall from the ladder and Skip will definitely need hip surgery....



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