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Jookie Marley

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Jim Black: Hello I am Jim Black and this is an OCWfed.com exclusive. Recently after Riot goes off the air plenty of OCW fans and supporters have been asking me about Marley's where abouts. Well right after his match with Cody Storm it was reported that he left the arena in his wrestling attire, and getting on a jet without saying a word to anyone.


Jim Black: Since his ppv match with Terry Romero Marley has not been the same. So I took it upon myself to track him down and see what the problem was.


The clip rolls and Jim Black is seen behind the wheel of a Mercedes Benz.



He pulls up in front of a penthouse at a unknown location.




Tom Tom: You have reached your destination.


Jim Black Looks up at the house.


Jim Black: Where the hell does he get the money to buy these homes?


He exits the car and walks up to the front door and knocks on the door. A man opens the door sporting a picky Afro and a Mayhem beard.


Jim Black: Marley!? What the hell happened to you?



Jim Black: I got my connects.

Marley: Ya connects?


Jim Black: I may look like Bryant Gumbel but I'm still street. Who do you think discovered GHETTOcw?


Marley looks at Jim Black with a weird face.


Marley: Not you Wayne Brady.

Jim Black: Ok ok I didn't discover them but I was close. Sooo ummmm you gonna invite me in?


Marley: Yeah come in.


Jim Black walks in and looks around the cabin.




Marley: You want anything to drink? Henny? Ciroc? Merlot?


Jim Black: Do you have Fuji water?


Marley: Hell nah but I got some Poland Spring water.

Jim Black: I guess that'll do.

Marley: You damn right that'll do.


Marley walks to the kitchen and returns with the water.

Jim Black: You gotta be doing something else other than wrestling. OCW cant be paying you this much.



Marley: Well your wrong, they are. I'm THAT GUY. Even though I'm not there my t-shirts continue to sell out. My book sales are doing good, and my movie is about to come out on DVD and Blu-Ray.


Jim Black: I guess your right. So what the hells been going on with you man? You look like crap and you don't come around anymore.

Marley: My guy its been tough for me since I lost that ppv match.


Jim Black: How so?


Marley: After the match I went to go see my doctor to see what the hell is going on with me, and he told me that I may not like it but I gotta kick certain habits.


Jim Black: YUP!! I know where this is going.


Marley: The doc told me that I gotta put down the weed. He said the ganja is the reason why my stamina is low and my agility is not like it used to be.


Jim Black: So did you stop?


Marley: Mutha*bleep*a what do you THINK? Look at me, I look like ?uestlove. I been clean for almost a month now and its been the worst month of my life. I turned into a alcoholic because of all this mess.


Jim Black: Damn times are rough for THAT GUY huh?

Marley: I had to go back to the doc and fight that habit too. I been clean for a week now.

Jim Black: Congrats to you man, but why the hell are you living in a cabin now. Don't get me wrong its a nice cabin but I wouldn't expect to see living here.

Marley: Thats the doc helping me try to kick my habits. The closest liquor store is a hour away, and the closest blunt is 3 hours away. Those are trips that I aint trying to take.

Jim Black: I seeeee..soo whens the last time you watched Riot?


Marley: The last time I was on the show getting my ass kicked.


Jim Black: Damn so you don't know that LOTUS is once again trying to take OCW over? You also have a title shot against Romero at the 8 year anniversary show.

Marley: Damn LOTUS is back?


Jim Black: Yeah!! and they're tougher than ever.


Marley: I got another title shot too?


Jim Black: Yeah! Why do you think I'm here? You miss this title shot and you might be outta a job.


Marley: Im THAT GUY and cant be fired. Plus OCW need people like me. They need people like me so they can point they damn fingers and say thats THAT GUY.


Jim Black: This aint Scarface Bro.


Marley: Your right, this is my house and the next time you cut me off imma toss you out my crib like Uncle Banks use to do to Jazzy Jeff.


Jim Black: You made your point. Soooo whats next? You coming back?

Marley: Yeah and im cleaner and faster than ever.


Jim Black: Not with that Afro and beard your not. We gotta get you straightened up.


Marley: Your right, theres a barber shop around the corner where we can go to.

Jim Black: Alright lets go.


Marley puts on his shoes and leather jacket. They exit the house.


Jim Black: Your driving because I wasted my gas and all my money driving up here.


Marley: You coulda took the train. The train station is right down the street.

Jim Black: Me taking public transportation? YEAH RIGHT!!!


The clip comes to a end as Jim Black and Marley enters Marley's car and drives down the driveway.

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