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An interview with a familiar face...

Vincent Valmont

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OCWFED.COM has received rumors over the past several weeks of a returning Vincent Valmont to the ring. The rumors first started to hit the dirt sheets around the same week of OCW's 8 year anniversary PPV. Although Vincent Valmont didn't return at the PPV, but some still believe it's only a matter of time before we see Vincent Valmont inside a OCW ring again. With the return of Smythe, and Mayhem already on the horizon it's strongly believed that Valmont's return is inevitable.


OCWFED.COM has reached out ever since the 8 year anniversary to get a interview with Vincent Valmont. After strong attempts, and declines to comment from Valmont it seemed impossible to get a interview, but Vincent Valmont finally agreed to do a sit down interview inside his home in Los Angeles, California. You can read the entire interview that was held by Jim Black only here at OCWFED.COM. CLICK HERE TO STREAM & VIEW THE VIDEO BELOW.

The video feed starts to static, and then becomes clear. The view of a all black Dodge Ram Hemi 1500 sits parked in the driveway in front of a medium sized condo in the heart of Los Angeles city only a few minutes away from the Staples Center. You can hear the traffic noise in the background, and the sun beaming into the camera. The grass hasn't been cut in weeks it appears, and it looks dark on the inside from the window. We see Jim Black knocking on Valmont's door. After several minutes the door finally is opened, and Jim Black walk in along with the cameraman following closely behind him.


Valmont is shown on the camera as he points into the direction of his living room overlooking a 2nd floor balcony view of the city. His body apperas to be in great shape, but his demeanor looks depressing. He hasn't shaved in a while, and even has his hair grown back out a little bit. He was shirtless until he puts a plain black t-shirt on. He still looks the same as since the last time OCW seen him at Wrestlution 7. He walks past Jim Black, and onto the balcony. He leans over it to view the city as if he's thinking about something entirely different than the interview that has Jim Black sitting inside his living room. Valmont begins to speak while still standing out on the balcony with his back turned to Jim, and the camerman.


Valmont: "I told myself that I never would retire...I told myself that I would become a three time OCW Heavyweight Champion... I even told myself that I would reach the OCW's hall of fame last year. The point is I told myself alot of things during my last run in OCW."


Valmont decides to walk off the balcony, and sits down inside his living room. He sits on the couch that is directly in front of his OCW belt showcase. There's a picture of every match where he won the title. The cameraman walks past the showcase to see an engravement underneath one of two OCW Hardcore titles, and it reads "Black Sunday, NOV. 30th 2008". The cameraman looks down, and sees another engravement underneath one of two OCW Heavyweight titles, "End Games, MAY 17th 2009".

The cameraman paces around the living room a little more. The camera glances at a table with a bunch of documents from what appears to be from Valmont's doctor. The cameraman can't view the rest of the documents inside the folder as Valmont notices, rises up, and jerks the documents away. He places them inside a cabinet, and sits back down. He doesn't seem angered at the fact the cameraman tried to look at the folder, but whether we see a unusual face on Valmont. What always appeared, and was well known for being emotionless it seems now Valmont looks a bit saddened or depressed.


Valmont:"The point I was referring to earlier was I always told myself things, and they always got done. If I wanted that OCW Heavyweight title than no man on this earth or on that roster would stop me from getting it. It didn't matter what choices I had to make as long as I got what I wanted. Now this point in my life after several months of absence after my last match at Wrestlution 7 I've begun to question my own self in regards to my career.


I look back at my career, and I don't regret anything I did. Everything, and I mean everything I did was for the greater good of Vincent Valmont. From day one nobody thought I would hold a title. I was suspended the first week I got here, and before there was "Ambition Era" I was apart of the "CCW Era". I was one of the first, and original guys from CCW. I'm one of very few members left from the old school mentality of OCW. I been in OCW for over five years, and done things that can't never be duplicated ever again. I had moments, and chances that will never be available to another superstar again.


Call it cliche, but I was indeed cut from a different cloth than everyone else in that lockeroom in OCW. I was 5 years ago...I was when I was the OCW champion... I still am!"


Jim Black nods, and nervously looks at his watch then looks at his notes to try to start the interview.


JB:" I'm definitely one of those that never doubted your in-ring ability. Your actions outside the ring were always questionable, and some moments involving you will forever be infamous in OCW history. You're apart of OCW history, but I'm not here to talk about the past. I'm here to discuss the future...your future."


Valmont:"Like I said Jim I been in OCW for over five years...I know what you're here for, and I know every question you're about to ask. Only thing different with me is I have grown a bit more patience with such things as interviews. I'm not the type to cut promos every week because I don't talk my opponents to death... I fight, it's plain, and simple. I don't need to use big fancy words... I don't need to act cocky like some young kid I'm a two time OCW Heavyweight champion my accomplishments are all I need to do my talking."


JB:"I never questioned that you wasn't a fighter, and I know your feelings toward interviews. OCWFED.COM has been desperately trying to reach out for an interview ever since the 8year anniversary show, and finally we're here doing a interview. Now if you don't mind I would like to ask you some questions that needs to be answered to silence the critics."


Valmont:"Go ahead, and ask Jim, but you know I'm still a bit impatient."


Jim looks confused for a moment but shrugs it off as he starts to read from his notes.


JB:"Now some of these questions are asked by fans that sent in email to OCWFED.COM, other questions has come from superstars on the current roster who will remain anonymous to our viewers, and some are created by me. After we're done this interview will be replayed on Riot this week for those who didn't stream or download this interview off the website.


So onto the first question, and this comes from Austin B. from New York, New York. Vincent Valmont beat that Dane guy like he was a jobber for 6 months. He put the poor guy into a coma, and then beat him inside that cell match at Wrestlution. Why did he leave after another Wrestlution when it seems he was in top shape?"


Valmont:"Well Austin B. from NYC I want to agree I did beat Dane Xavier so badly he went into that coma. I took away that man's pride, dignity, and class. He went from being rich to being broke. I took away that man's soul, and I crushed it. I did what was needed I ended his life, and career...what was left of it in the first place. As for why did I leave? I'm not going to answer that, and I don't have to."


JB:"Well nobody can agrue that you did put him into a coma, and luckily he didn't press charges. Instead he was given his chance for revenge at Wrestlution, but everyone knows the outcome. The rest is history as we move onto another question, and this is from another fan. Lucas from Sydney, Australia. I been watching the OCW just recently as we finally got a network to air the shows on our t.v, and I'm a big fan already of the business. My favorite two wrestlers are Parker, and Dimsmore. They just seem to be very aggressive, ruthless, and very tough inside a ring. They have the looks of badasses, and they're the two that has my attention. My question to you is what new or old wrestler on the roster has your attention?"

Valmont:"Normally I wouldn't answer such a question like this, but I feel like this guy doesn't know much of what he's talking about. He did say they just started to get OCW on their t.v which is amazing it only took them 8 years. He's missed alot of great wrestlers, matches, and moments that can be relived through OCW The Vault on it's website. I even took a peek into the vault to see some of my great matches, and it's like deja vu.


Now Lucas...as for your question I will say I'm proud of Parker. It's his first OCW Heavyweight title reign. He won it in the chamber at the 8year anniversary show, and put an end to Lotus. Parker, and I had some of the greatest OCW Hardcore title matches in the history of the business, and we even help headline Wrestlution 3. Now as for this Dimsmore guy I seen him, and I know he used to help lead Lotus. I see many similar characteristics in him, and myself so much that it's scary to see. He doesn't have my attention because he isn't a threat. His biggest victory was at the 8year anniversary show against someone who has never beaten me 1on1. You could say the day he won the INT title, but to me Aries was the best wrestler on that roster during my absence.


Aries has fallen off...everyone does in their careers. Aries has been fighting at high level for so long that he became so obssessed with trying to become the new Nate Ortiz that the actual match with the guy took so much away from Aries that he's never the same again. He's not the same dangerous opponent that I once faced for over 30 minutes inside a ironman match at Summercide that you can quote me as to say that's the best match in Summercide history. So to answer this question is nobody has my attention..not Parker...not Aries... and not this Dimsmore guy. Only person I'm worried about is myself."


JB:"Now I have a question from someone on the current OCW roster. I will not name this wrestler, but I will simply just ask his question. Do you think if you returned could you still last a match with these new guys such as Dupree, Matsuda, The A-team, and Dimsmore? Or even these newer guys on Ambition such as Hollywood, Aiden Ryan, and Tigerman?"

Valmont:"Why is this even asked. I have fought hall of famers, and I have beaten them. I got more title reigns than some of the members on the hall of fame right now. The last match I was in, I destroyed a homeless guy. So I'm not going to even give that question another thought because even though I don't want to anyway I'm pretty sure I will have no problem against the young bucks on the roster."


JB:"You don't want to! Can you please explain?"


Valmont:" That's probably the most hardest question I have been asked this entire time, and I don't want to fight these new guys. Hell...I don't want to fight in any match because quite frankly I don't need the match. On the other hand those guys need the match more, and I'm a veteran. I don't fight for free, and I don't work for free. I have a 20 month old son, and he has become my new life. Because he's at a babysitter is reason why I'm even doing this interview. I have more than enough money to support my life, and to see my son reach new heights that doesn't require getting into fights."


JB:"Ahh I understand completely. Family is important, and being a first time father is a experience unlike any other, but I'm afraid I have to ask is this restraint of not wanting to fight anyone again inside a OCW ring could be because you're afraid of becoming what has happened to every other veteran late in their careers with age or is it because of the rumors that you are afraid to get re-injured after the rumors surrounded your match with Dane at Wrestlution afterwards?"


Valmont:" First you agree with me then you insult me? If I wasn't under contract I would throw you off this 2nd floor balcony."


JB:"....but that seems a bit harsh.... I mean that's a hard fall considering the height of this building. It might even kill me!"


Valmont:"That's the point, Jim...but don't worry I'll let that question slide, and I will actually answer it. So stop sweating, and get your hands out of your pocket, and off your cell phone. There's no need to call 911."


Jim Black slowly reaches his hand out of his pocket, smiles nervously, and wipes the sweat off his head.


Valmont:"Any rumors that have been created are all false until otherwise stated by me personally. I'm in great shape...I'm in the prime of my career. If you think otherwise just go back, and rewatch the past entire year I haven't been pinned in singles matches since end of 2011. I don't have any injuries, and I don't have to prove anything else either. When the deal is right...the right opponent comes along then I will consider stepping back, but I doubt the right opponent will ever come along so I doubt I ever have to worry about proving you or anyone wrong about these injuries!"


JB:" I apologize, and I would like to continue with my final question. The question will we ever see Vincent Valmont in a OCW ring again in the near future?"

Valmont:"Well Jim as I said already I have nothing to prove to anyone, and I certainly don't need anymore accomplishments. I only want one thing... that OCW Heavyweight title. If Parker thinks he can still beat me then I would love to get that high profile match because it means big money, and big exposure. I'm no second rate veteran that comes back just for money or to make sure people don't forget his name. With Vincent Valmont you don't forget the name, and you just don't come back for money. If I return it will be on my own terms, and right now I can say with a relief on my shoulders that I don't want to return.


Retirement is treating me good, fatherhood is great, and it's where I'll be staying for permanently. If I can't become a three time OCW champion, or hall of famer then it's just not going to be interesting. I want unexpected...I want danger... I want to feel like I was three to four years ago, but that will never happen."


JB:" I understand, and nobody can make you decide to come out of retirement except Mr. Sensation since he has you under contract until the next Wrestlution, but even Sensation probably doesn't want anymore chaos than what he already has in OCW. So that's the end cue for my interview. I'm thankful for the interview, and hopefully we can get another one of these done sooner rather than later. The people want to see Vincent Valmont even if Vincent Valmont doesn't."


Jim Black is treated with a handshake as Jim Black walks out the door while the cameraman walks backwards to get a final shot of Valmont sitting on his couch with his head hung low, and his hands over his face as camera fades.

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Here goes another fool talkin' days of yesteryear. Oh I did this in 07. Oh I was here with CCW and with the incarnation of OCW. I beat this guy and that guy. Blow it out ya ass. This is a new day and new time, and there is no place for people like you Val.


If you are gonna return, then return and don't sit here and talk about it. If you are gonna sit in LA with ya tail between ya legs and ya special needs son then to that and shut the hell up.

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"Nesquehoning penn, is the greatest hometown in the history of hometowns." - Mr.Sensation

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