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Valmont ready to return?


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OCWFED.COM has learned some new rumors are beginning to circle around Vincent Valmont after the first recorded interview took place here at OCWFED.COM from Valmont's home in Los Angeles, California.


One of the rumors that has gotten alot of buzz in short period of time is the rumored doctor visit people said they seen Valmont attending just the day after the interview took place, and even has added that he got some sort of scan done to determine any injuries. Right now it's just speculation, and nothing official has been confirmed by us at OCWFED.COM.


Yesterday afternoon Vincent Valmont was reached for comment over a telephone, and had this to say.


"I can't control what people say, or think. I can honestly say that any of these rumors are not true, and until I say otherwise do not believe it. I'm in best shape of my life, but I've already stated I do not wish to return to the ring. I'm happy in my life as a retiree. I'm a father first, and former OCW champion second.


As for my doctor visit I indeed went to the doctor, but it was for my son. He was sick, and I took him to check a doctor. Nothing more to say about it. I don't have to explain my every day life. I'm retired, not active, and it's only because of my son, and the fact I have nothing left to prove. Read my interview, and you'll get your answers!"


Vincent Valmont had nothing left to comment about the subject of the rumors, and so far has declined another interview with us.



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