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The Barber Shop

Cody Storm

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The camera opens up to the front facade of a barbershop in downtown Detroit, the birth place of one Son of God. The customary candy-cane esque poll is spiraling in the front when the camera man opens up and walks on through the threshold. Inside we see that the entire shop has been closed down except for a single chair. There are several stylists lounging around talking with the man in the chair. Over the top of the mirror is a picture of the native son, showing him with a long bowl cut type hair-do next to an autographed picture of the Cody Storm the OCW faithful are familiar with. All we can see of The Son of God is the back of his head wrapped in a towel.


Cody Storm: Frank, I really appreciate you doing this on such short notice, I didn't intend for you to close down the entire shop for me.


Frank: It's no big deal Cody, we'd do anything for such a faithful customer. I have to ask though, why are you getting rid of your locks? You've had long hair since I first cut it when you were four. I remember asking your mom one day if she'd be OK with me trying something a little shorter, and I swear for a moment I was more afraid of her than your father.


Cody Storm: It's a work thing, the boss seems to think it'll be a good idea for my future if I look a little bit more presentable. Speaking of my future, you signed that petition right? I can't exactly leave here peacefully if you haven't. Man of my word you know?


Frank gives a little chuckle, he's known Cody too long to be too scared of him.


Frank: Of course I signed your petition, I'm one of your biggest supporters!


A curtain is heard rustling from the back side of the shop and the camera pans over to see a man emerging from what appears to be the upstairs apartment turned break room. The man's wearing a black shirt with intricate white design all over it, black jeans, and a golden vest over the top. He has flamboyantly pink hair, and walks around like he has less swinging between his legs than the OCW World Champion, if that's even possible.


The effeminate man walks over to the chair Storm's in and lets out a gruff of dissatisfaction.


Cody Storm: Yes Cass?


Cass: Where's your friend? You promised me a job today or else I wouldn't have come in at all.


Cody Storm: Damn good question. He's two hours late as it is, if we hadn't spent so long catching up I'd be long gone by now. Why don't you pick up my phone from inside my jacket and try giving him a call. You're looking for the contact "Little arms". By the way, please don't tell him that's what he's under.


Cass walks over and begins the call. A faint ringing noise can be heard from just outside the door, as it opens and in walks BUFFNESS himself.


Cody Storm: Glad you fit this into your busy schedule, you know the next time I do you a favor man...


BUFFNESS: BUFFNESS had a Muscle and Fitness photo shoot to attend ...so the services of your barber will not be needed .



BUFFNESS removes his vest and shoves it into the chest of Cass as he adjusts the brim of his fitted hat.



BUFFNESS: Hang that up and run out to my car and grab me a can of BUFFBLASTER out of the front seat.



The flamboyant hair stylist shoots a look over to Storm and holds the black bubble vest up with one hand.



Storm: Cass works here as a stylist ....



BUFFNESS I don't care about that , that , that ... That's resume .



BUFFNESS: BUFFNESS only cares that " it " hangs up my 400 dollar vest and gets me my damn drink .



Cass: I will not be treated this way ... I am a stylist to the stars !!!



Cody Storm palms his face as he knows what is about to happen . He gets up to try and diffuse the situation.


Cody Storm: Lets see it then, I don't trust you not to just skip this whole thing.


BUFFNESS: You don't trust me?! I haven't once in my life seen you with short hair, I don't trust you!


Cody Storm: Fine, on the count of three, I'll take the towel off of my head, you take off your hat and then neither one of us has to trust the other at all.




Cody Storm: Frank, if you would?


Frank stands to the side of Cody and begins to count.


Frank: One... two... three...


They both remove their respective head adornments and stare at each other. Cody quickly blinks his eyes a few times


Cody Storm: What are you trying to blind me? What kind of definition of the word 'professional' are you working with exactly?


BUFFNESS: The BUFF kind of professional ... the kind of professional that does what he wants and not what he's told ... A professional that doesn't eat his carrots from a string !!!


Cody Storm: You don't eat your carrots from the string because the weight of your arms are keeping you from getting to the carrot in the first place.


Cody turns to the mirror not having seen his finished doo yet. He waves his hand about where his hair used to be, frowns a little, and then turns back to BUFFNESS.


Cody Storm: Fine, do whatever you'd like, not my problem to deal with. I guess we need to go, we still need to get to Grand Rapids.


Sean turns to start walking out as Cody says his goodbyes to Frank, Cass, and the rest of the crew who filled the room for conversation during the three hour time period. And the scene fades.

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