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Certified Great Tag Team Names

Bobby Minio

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The scene opened on a non-descript yet all to familiar white bricked hallway in the backstage area in Pittsburgh. The sound of the crowd in the muffled distance of the halls could tell you that this was filmed during the filming of Riot. The halls were lined on either side with large audio/video equipment cases and bins, which steadied the balance of the battered man who stumbled into frame. It was Bobby Minio, still heaving for breath and a clear head, the result of being on the ugly end of a very one sided beat down in the ring moments prior.


Bobby Minio: “Holy… holy shit…”


He seemed confused, punch drunk, and in a fair degree of pain.


Minio: “I… I may have… over stepped…”


Minio was leaning down against an equipment bin, his head facing down and his breath, and color, finally rendezvousing inside of his body.


Off Camera Voice: “Aww cmon, what was that?”


A pained grimace played across Minio’s lips, before washing into a smile for an old friend. Minio pushed himself through the soreness that covered the entire length of his body and straightened up his back to face “Reckless Kid” Luke Fuentes.


Minio: “Luke… not now.”


Reckless Kid: “Not now? When would you prefer we talk about what just happened to you out there? After Sunday?”


Minio: “Luke…”


Reckless Kid: “Alright look, I’m gonna help ya out buddy. How about we go find K’Dangelo and ask for his permission to go look for your balls around the third or fourth row?”


Minio: “I deserve that.”


Reckless Kid: “You know you do! Cmon Bobby you gotta put up a fight out there!”


Minio: “You’re gonna get yours soon, Luke. If it’s not from me on Sunday-”


Luke leaned forward with a grin to interupt.


Reckless Kid: “If? Listen to you! ‘IF’!? I thought you ‘were sooo ready’! I thought you believed in yourself! How are we supposed to make a run in the Tag Team Championship tournament if you don’t even think you can put up a fight anymore? CMON.”


Minio: “I know I can put up a fight. I’m… I’m going to be alright. That was just a big wake up call. We got a lot of work to do.”


Reckless Kid: “Yeah, ‘we’ gotta work on getting ‘you’ back into fighting shape. We’ll start at Certified Greatness.”


This challenge seemed to breath fresh air into Minio’s lungs. He took a breath, his back straightened more and he extended a hand and a smile to Luke, which Luke returned quickly.


Minio: “So we’ll get this out of the way at Certified Greatness, and then we begin the ‘Reckless Revolution’.


There was some special emphasis on the last few words, which brought a lift to Luke’s brow.


Reckless Kid: “‘Reckless Revolution’?”


Minio: “Reckless Revolution.”


Reckless Kid: “What is that?”


Minio: “Every great tag team needs a great name.”


Reckless Kid: “It’s always the revolution with you. We’ll talk later. Keep your head up, cmon!”


Luke slapped Minio’s back hard, with intent, which brought back the reality of K’Dangelo’s merciless handling of Minio a few minutes before hand. Minio winced as Luke chuckled and walked away off frame. Minio leaned his back against the equipment bin, thinking for a moment about the match at hand at Certified Greatness. He nodded to himself before pushing off of the bin and following off screen in Luke’s direction.

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