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Riot 363: Postponed NOTE

Mr.Richard Blood

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So having looked at the Riot dropbox, I'm seeing a lot of gaps in matches and content from people. RP-wise we look ok - could do with one or two more, but I'm more worried about the matches.


Therefore I'm going to give you an extension until SATURDAY Morning, two further nights, so that we can try to get the Hardcore Title Match and another match done to replace the tag match (if it cannot be done. I'm already aware of the reasons, which is why I'm extending)


I get its been busy these last few weeks, and I appreciate that people have done filler matches, but I don't want to have so many alts filling in when we have Main's "Sitting on the bench".


Communication is key people, and with that being said Riot 363 is now:




Don't let us down please!

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I found out Raze is on a bit of a break. Kent and I were gonna do something together but I'm down to throw some kind of match together if someone else is looking to get a match in. Only problem is I won't be on until about 9:30pm to 10:00pm EST due to my schedule, at least until Saturday morning but I'd like to get something done before that.


Also, I'd love to work another tag with Luke but I think he already has a match on the card and it's in the books already, but I could be wrong.



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