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OCW Signs New Talent


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By: The Grand Wizard Theodus.


In an effort to kick off Season 10 with a bang OCW has begun a talent initiative. As such OCW has signed a brand new(ish) star to join the illustrious ranks of Online Championship Wrestling. OCWFED.COM sat down with Daniel Youngblood, better known as D. Y. Nasty

as he tells us a little bit about his road to OCWFED.



I've wrestled all over the world.


As I kid I had the world handed to me. My parents hit the lottery young and moved to The Caribbean to start a family so I grew up with the silver platter and all.


I became a fan of wrestling as a teen and started training at the local gym. Within months, I was in the main event and it wasn't because I was good, it was because I was rich. So the next years of my life was all about how I "bought" my way to the top.


So I asked my dad for one final favor. A plane ticket to Japan and some cash.


I left and started training but I was more famous than I thought. I was forced to keep the "Prince" gimmick and be hated because of my background. It took at least a year before the fans got behind me at IXCW.


Eventually, I wanted to learn more and repackage so I went to Mexico. (UWA). There I was immediately put in the spotlight because of my ruthless style and from there, I got the first call to OCW.


In 2012 and I came in as "The Price of Extreme and Charisma King" Zachary Alexander. I started off hot but let the fame go to my head. I started missing shows and not performing to standard and we split ways.


From there I was at rock bottom. Sleeping in my car and doing everything I could to survive and afford to keep training. I eventually got a call from Adrenaline and there I changed. I cut my hair and decided that instead of being a Prince, I would be Nasty.


I wrestled under the name "The Nasty" Daniel Youngblood, my actual birth name. I used all the styles from Mexico, Japan, and the UK to perfect my style and the fans loved me. I was different. I did things no one had seen before and I loved the admiration.


I went to a couple other places but it was just for the attention. I was a draw. They would advertise I was coming and the arena's would sell out and then I finally got the call back here in OCW as "The Online Sensation" D. Y. Nasty.


Follow me at twitter @Dynasty2k14 or you can catch me on facebook.





D.Y. Nasty's first run in OCW was a bust. Can the second time around prove different? Can this young superstars drive propel him to the forefront of OCW, or will old habits return?


Tune in to find out as Season 10 of OCW kicks off December 12th with Riot 400!

DY Nasty.jpg

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Nice video.


You seem to have fought alot of people who can't reverse running finishers...you're in for a shock against OCW wrestlers :p


I do like how you're a guy with a running finisher who actually sets it up...a few of these cheesedicks round here could learn from that!

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Catch finisher into a black rack, while someone gets called a sissy over xblive.
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