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You Used to Call Me

Jackson Montgomery

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The scene fades in and we see a street sign crossing. Buchanan St. @ Market Ln. As the camera moves down the street, we see a few businesses closing for the night, people leaving buildings and locking up the doors. A couple holding hands and laughing passes by. As the camera comes to a stop, a flickering light can be seen just off camera and when it pans around, the sign reads, ”DONNY DIRK’S ZOMBIE DEN”. The cameraman walks towards the door and pushes it open. A cloud of smoke exits like a demon being released. Once inside, we see there aren’t many people around, maybe 8-10. One lone person sits at the bar and we see the familiar “American Made Outlaw” logo on a torn up leather jacket. It can only be Jackson Montgomery.


Stacy Clark: Jackson, can I ask you a few questions?


Jackson looks over his shoulder before turning back around and staring back into his half full glass of bourbon. Stacy looks into the camera with a confused look on her face. She turns back towards Jackson.


SC: Ok…I wanted to see how you are liking OCW so far?


JM: I like it fine so far. The competition is fair enough. Just enough to where I get to whip the same peoples asses over and over.


SC: What about B-17? Is there an alliance starting there?


Just as Stacy asks her question, a group of “younger kids” come bursting through the door; they look to be in their mid 20’s. They walk past Jackson and Stacy pointing out the camera crew and laughing and being quite loud. They sit at a small table near the jukebox. The apparent ring leader stands up, puts a dollar into the machine, and makes his choice. Before she sits down, the music begins to play over the speakers. ”You used to call me on my cell phone”


SC: Ooh I love this song!


Jackson, without saying a word, downs the rest of his bourbon, Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon to be exact, stands up and walks over to the jukebox. He looks at the girl who started the song, a decent looking girl with bright blond hair, clearly not her natural color, a tight tube top and what can only be described as denim panties. Any other night, Jackson would take this girl home but she’s already annoyed him too much. She looks him in the eye as he pulls out a 4 inch pocket knife from his pocket. Jackson reaches down, grabs the power cable, and after bending it in half, he cuts the cord with his knife. The girl jumps out of her chair and gets right in Jackson’s face. Without batting an eye, Jackson grabs her by the arm and puts her back into her chair. He looks at the bar keep and circles his hand motioning to send a round to the table of 20-somethings. He walks back over to Stacy Clark to answer her question about B-17.


JM: B-17 is a good enough guy but I’m not sure I can trust him just yet. We’ll see as time goes on.


Jackson reaches into his pocket and pulls out some cash and puts it on the bar.


JM: Send me a bill for the juke box Marty.


Jackson doesn’t even acknowledge Stacy and he walks out of the bar. She, again, looks into the camera confused as the scene fades to black.

  • Mark Out! 3

1x - OCW Turmoil Heavyweight Champion

** Mr. Sensation - "Jackson's a good egg."

** Pugh - "Jackson just earned himself the Parker Stevens memorial award for inappropriate jokes. The prize is... well... don't open your desk drawer ever again"

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