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Shock and Awe.


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It's been a day or so since the match on Turmoil and a lone interviewer moves in on Tank as he's slipping into his Ford Explorer.


Interviewer: Tank! Hey Tank! Wait up!


Tank at first tries to ignore the guy, but the constant shouting of his name annoys him to the point where he turns around and snarls at the guy.


Tank: What the hell do ya want?


The man shudders a bit in fear, only to bring the microphone to his mouth.


Interviewer: Tank, can you explain your actions from Turmoil this week? I mean what happened? Was it frustration? The OCW wants to know.


Tank scoffed a bit and shrugged before reaching into his truck and taking out a cigarette. He'd light up and grin that same sick grin as before.


Tank: It wasn't frustration, wasn't anything too deep. Jackson was on the rise, I wanted to knock him down a peg. So I kicked his ass.


Interviewer: But most would say it's unsportsmanlike conduct.


Tank: Yea well most aren't in the same business as me and Monty are. All of us here on Turmoil are here for one thing. That damned belt. To be a champion you gotta take out the competition right? I did say Win, lose, or draw he wasn't walking out of that ring didn't I? Ya see there... Um... Well I'll call ya Charlie. Ya see Charlie, I'm a man of my word. I go out and kick ass. Win, lose, or draw I'm gonna be the champ. The rest of these guys here are nothing more than stepping stones.


Charlie: My name's actually Ger..


Tank raises an eyebrow, daring the man to continue his sentence.



Charlie: But Charlie is good too.... Well guess that brings me to my next question. How do you feel about your new boss?


Tank: He seems a little fruity to me... But hey as long as he knows what he's doing I ain't got a problem with him.


Charlie: So when can we expect to see you again?


Tank: Real soon... Headed off to the next arena now. If Jackson is smart, he won't be there.

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