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The arrival of "The Natural" Andrew


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Cameraman is backstage looking for the hot new prospect in OCW. He catches a glimpse of someone going into a locker room. As the cameraman opens the door he sees a jacket laying on a chair, that says NATURAL. "The Natural" Andrew sees him and opens the door.



Andrew: You like what you see?



Andrew turns and grabs his jacket



Andrew: That's right OCW. "The Natural" is here and I'm here to stay. I'm gonna go straight to the top in this company. It's time to take OCW and turn it completely up side down.



Andrew takes the hood of his jacket and hangs it on the camera lens as the camera fades out

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I don't like being upside down. All the blood is rushing to my head!!


You already have enough problems.

"Amatuer cheat hunter, Resident OCWFED historian, Lover of spreadsheets, data and HOI, MASTER OF THE GOKART"




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