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It's A Celebration

Jackson Montgomery

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Shortly after Riot: The Graduation, the scene opens up to a bar near the Brooklyn Bridge called the Iron Horse. If you loved to drink and you love to watch women shake their asses, this was the place. Before going inside, we see a man walking through the shadows, only lighting up when near a street lamp. As the camera moves closer, we can see a man who looks like he’s stopped grooming himself wearing military fatigues and a grey Houston Astros hoodie with the hood up; his beard sticking out. Just before the man enters the Iron Horse, we can see that it’s none other than OCW’s Jackson Montgomery. Jackson pulls the door open and goes inside. Being a Tuesday night, the place isn’t packed, but there are quite a few people inside. When he gets inside, the older gentleman behind the bar noticed Jackson and make a few people near the end of the bar vacate their seats; unwillingly of course. Jackson didn’t like to share much. He liked his space and he loved his booze. As the three men begrudgingly got up from their seats, one of them shoulder checked Jackson, who just stood still for a second before continuing to the newly open seats. He plops down in the center of the three chairs as Willie, the bartender, is already there setting up a glass with a bottle of Jack Daniels close behind it.


Jackson Montgomery: Not tonight Willie. Bring out the good stuff. Grab the 184.


Willie: The 184? Are you sure? You know what happened in here last time you had it.


Jackson Montgomery: Grab the fucking bottle Willie.


Willie screws the top back on the Jack Daniels and puts it back on the shelf. Willie then reaches under the bar and pulls out a bottle of Bruichladdic X4 Quadrupled Whiskey. It’s been said by many that “one sip and you live forever; two sips and you go blind; three sips and you expire on the spot”. But, we all knew how Jackson was. Willie pulled out a shot glass after putting the regular high ball glass away. This wasn’t something you just drank. You drink the X4 to forget. Forget what? EVERYTHING. Willie pours the shot and puts the top back on.


Jackson Montgomery: Leave the bottle Willie.


Willie: Leave the bottle? You don’t drink the whole bottle JackMo (something only a few people ever call Jackson Montgomery). You have one shot. One and done.


Jackson stares at Willie through a shiner on his left eye. Matches good with the scar on his right. Willie sets the bottle down next to the shot glass that is filled to the brim.


Willie: What’s the occasion JackMo?


Jackson twirls his finger in the air then downs the shot in front of him.


Jackson Montgomery: It’s a celebration. It seems I’ve graduated to a full fledged wrestler! Whoopty-do.


Jackson picks up the bottle of X4 and pours another shot. Willie, who has been following Jackson’s career for a while now, gets a smile across his face.


Willie: That’s great news man! Congratulations. I’ve been watching lately though and I’m surprised they even offered that to you. You know, with the way you’ve been acting lately.


Jackson looks up from his empty shot glass.


Jackson Montgomery: The way I’ve been acting?


Willie: Yea. Getting drunk on the job. You’re putting yourself at risk doing that. And others!


Jackson Montgomery: Geez. You sound just like B and I’ll tell you what I’ve told him on multiple occasions. I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.


Jackson again pours another shot before downing it. This time, he winces as it goes down.


Willie: One thing I gotta ask though J. Why you acting all silly? They got you acting like the village idiot. Falling down into lockers, falling asleep sitting on the ringpost, talking to invisible people!


With that last statement, Jackson slams his empty shot glass on the bar, shattering it. He jumps from his chair and grabs Willie by the collar of his shirt. This has, of course, caused the bar to stop what they were doing and stare. All that was needed was the juke box to skip.




Jackson shoves Willie back causing him to hit the glass shelves of liquor, almost knocking them down. Jackson reaches down and grabs another shot glass before taking his seat. He peers over his shoulder at the rest of the bar, then pours himself another drink.


Jackson Montgomery: Don’t worry about me Willie. Let them think I’m the fool and when they least expect it, I’ll show them who the real fool is.


Jackson shoots his shot glass full of X4 as the scene fades to black.

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** Pugh - "Jackson just earned himself the Parker Stevens memorial award for inappropriate jokes. The prize is... well... don't open your desk drawer ever again"

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My grandfather killed himself with alcoholism, this brings it all back. So sad. Pray for Jackson.


Fuck that. Pray for me!

"Amatuer cheat hunter, Resident OCWFED historian, Lover of spreadsheets, data and HOI, MASTER OF THE GOKART"




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Pray for you, I gotta face the drunkard :)


And I've got to babysit!

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"Amatuer cheat hunter, Resident OCWFED historian, Lover of spreadsheets, data and HOI, MASTER OF THE GOKART"




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